Mister International 2013 Live Stream Updates of Results

Mister International 2013 Finals took place in Indonesia!

Live Updates of the Mister International 2013 final results were posted below based on the live stream video available online (http://news.viva.co.id/streaming/vivanews).

There were 37 candidates who competed for the Mister International 2013 title, and the winner succeeded Ali Hammoud from Lebanon.

It happened at 8 Thursday night, November 21, 2013, at the Skeeno Hall in Gandaria City, Jakarta, Indonesia (9PM MLA Time).

16 contestants were called as semi-finalists, including the winner of the online voting which was conducted at the pageant's official websites.

Prior to the finals, considered as big favorites for the title included the contestants from Czech Republic, Indonesia, Slovak Republic, Philippines and Mexico. (Photos credit to Mister Singapore Organization / L-Men)

Other semifinal-worthy candidates were Misters Puerto Rico, Belgium, Lebanon, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Canada, Peru, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, Turkey, El Salvador and Bolivia.

But who actually made it? Read on.

Live Updates start here...

- The pageant finale opened with a grand parade of the candidates in their national costumes.

- Indonesian singer Novita Dewi Marpaung performs, before the Top 16 semi-finalists are revealed.

- The Top 16 are announced (in order of announcement):

Costa Rica, Israel Moya
Turkey, Ufuk Değer
China, Haolong Tan
Slovenia, Jure Rugani
Czech Republic, Antonín Beránek
Indonesia, Albern Sultan
Venezuela, José Anmer Paredes
Singapore, Edwin Heng
Canada, Kristian Denver Diaz
Mexico, Hans Briseño
Colombia, Mario Lora
Italy, Marco Della Croce
Slovak Republic, Michal Gajdošech
Chile, Pablo Alcayaga
Brazil, Jhonatan Marko
Philippines, Gil Wagas

- Mister Philippines Gil Wagas was the winner of the online voting, so he got the final 16th slot in the semi-finals.

- Shocking Inclusion: China, Costa Rica, Slovenia

- Shocking Exclusion: Puerto Rico, Belgium, Lebanon. Mister Belgium Gianni Sennesael was 2nd Runner-Up at Manhunt International 2011, a Top 10 semi-finalist during Mister World 2012 and 1st Runner Up during last May's Mister Universe Model, but he failed to make it to Mister International's semis. Why????? Same with Mister Puerto Rico, Jimmy Perez Rivera, who was 3rd Runner-Up during last year's Manhunt International.

- The Top 16 now compete in their beachwear.

- From 16, they're down to 10. The Top 10 semi-finalists are (in order of announcement):

Slovak Republic
Czech Republic

- I kinda like the Top 10. All big favorites are there (Czech Republic, Indonesia, Slovak Republic, Philippines, Mexico). Surprisingly again, China is there!

- Next stage of competition: The Top 10 compete in their formal wear.

- Five finalists stayed to compete for the title. The Top 6:

Czech Republic

- It's already the highest placement for the Philippines and Mexico in this pageant.

- Final Round: The Question and Answer Portion or Q&A. Who's your bet for the title?

- Special Awards have been handed out.

Best National Costume - Panama, Sergio Isaac Lópes
Mister Congeniality - USA, Jeremy Wyatt Akin
Mister Photogenic - Indonesia, Albern Sultan
L-Men Ideal Body - Venezuela, José Anmer Paredes

- 5th Runner Up: Czech Republic

- 4th Runner Up: Philippines

- 3rd Runner Up: Mexico

- 2nd Runner Up: Brazil

- 1st Runner Up: Indonesia


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