Miss Universe 2013 Interview: Miss Philippines Universe Ariella Arida gets mixed reactions

Miss Universe 2013 Personality Interview videos, where the 86 candidates play Truth or Dare game, are now up.

And below is the video of Miss Philippines Ariella Arida, where she talks on what she misses most about being a kid, and acts like a chicken for her "dare". Did she deliver? Watch!

Been reading mixed comments about Miss Philippines Ariella Arida's personality interview. Many are saying she's got wrong grammar, and she can't speak English well.

With all bias aside, yeah, she may not have given a brilliant answer using the English language, but she's able to deliver and make a brilliant impression. It was a personality interview, where she was able to highlight her traits: candid and charming, relaxed and confident. And that's what matters most.

Remember this: Shamcey Supsup and Janine Tugonon both gave brilliant answers during their respective Top 5 Q&As in Miss Universe, but still, they weren't given the crown. To be Miss Universe winner I guess, a candidate just needs to be natural and spontaneous during an interview.

But I must admit though that Ariella has to double her efforts to be able to match Miss Philippines' performance in Miss Universe the past 3 years. She is yet to shine and stand out. And hoping that the nearing preliminary competitions on November 5 will pave the way for her to be one of the frontrunners.

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