Ariella Arida was Olivia Culpo's choice to win Miss Universe 2013

Ariella Arida revealed on "Umagang Kay Ganda" episode Monday, November 11, 2013, that Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo was rooting for her to win Miss Universe 2013.

The pageant was held in Moscow, Russia last weekend and Culpo crowned Miss Venezuela Gabriella Isler as her successor. Miss Philippines Ariella Arida finished in 4th Place or 3rd Runner Up.

Ariella shared on UKG that after the crowning of Miss Venezuela, Olivia Culpo rushed to her only to tell her that she was her choice to win. "Hey Girl, you were so great. I was rooting for you," Culpo allegedly told Miss Philippines.


After the pageant, many have noticed that Culpo didn't even bother to congratulate Miss Venezuela as the new Miss Universe in her social media accounts. Maybe, she already did that, the moment she was passing on the crown to Mis Venezuela right?

Olivia probably already liked Miss Philippines since the early stages of the pageant. She even posted on Instagram a photo of them together during the pageant's Gift of Life Auction held 2 weeks ago, describing Ariella as "gorgeous".

oliviaculpo: "With the gorgeous #MissPhilippines @araarida @MissUPhils last night during the #missuniverse Gift of Life Auction @RealBbPilipinas"

Have you noticed? Olivia Culpo looks pregnant in the pic.

Yeah, she's actually being rumored now as pregnant with Nick Jonas' baby, especially with her pregnant-looking outfit at the Miss Universe 2013 red carpet.

The rumor escalated even more when she did not remove the fur, hiding her tummy a bit during her showcase of the Yamamay million dollar swimsuit at the Miss Universe 2013 pageant. HO/Miss Universe L.P., LLLP

Olivia and Nick are also reportedly heading to engagement already.

Back to Ara, she was asked in the same "Umagang Kay Ganda" episode by host Anthony "Tonying" Taberna if she already has a boyfriend.

And Ariella quickly said, "Wala po."

Then Tonying asked her again if she's already open to have one. And here's what she said: "Di ko pa po alam."

In her previous interviews, Ariella already revealed she never had a boyfriend. But rumors are floating around that she's already taken, and that lucky guy is reportedly model-turned-actor and Marian Rivera's ex-boyfriend Ervic Vijandre, who has just been acquired by Rain or Shine Elasto Painters in the recent PBA Draft 2013.

Ervic's name came out as Ara's rumored boyfriend when they were spotted together at Carly Rae Jepsen's concert last August. (credit to PEP)

Ervic was also like a "hero boyfriend" when he came to Ariella's rescue and exchanged tirades against DJ Mo Twister who criticized the beauty queen for her statement about Latinas who can't speak a complete sentence in English.

ervic_vijandre: "Shut the f-ck up! #LittleLadyBoy"
ervic_vijandre: "Bakla lang ang peg! Gusto yata maging beauty queen. Kulang ka sa Height teh!#littleladyboy"
djmotwister: "Teh?"
djmotwister: "Ingat bro, baka I might ask you what 8 x 7 is and it will scare you away. #BasketBallHeight #CallBoyIntellect"
ervic_vijandre: "Hahaha nice! @djmotwister"
djmotwister: "Nice? Thanks counselor! Sayang nga, it would have been nice to have a conselor who uses "teh" in sentences. Oh well, maybe next election. Maybe you can find another way to alienate the gay vote. Oh Eric, alienate means, "to feel that she or he no longer belongs in a particular group, society, etc."
ervic_vijandre: "@djmotwister translation pls... I'm "bobo" for that language. oh wait I'll read the reply after my my last dance!"
ervic_vijandre: "Suspended kasi ako for 5months. Wala na ako pambayad ng rent dito. #salingpusa ako sa isyu dyan pls. I need to pay the rent. @djmotwister #littleladyboy"

On the day of the Miss Universe 2013 pageant, Ervic was already actin' like a supportive "boyfriend" when he was actively tweeting about the pageant.

‏@ervic_vijandre: "59 minutes to go!!!"
‏@ervic_vijandre: "Hinde ako kalmado!"
‏@ervic_vijandre: "Waiting for #MissUniverse2013 #ForThePhilippines I know you got this @araarida"
‏@ervic_vijandre: "Time to shine! 😘#forthephilippines @araarida #missuniverse2013 #missphilippines"
‏@ervic_vijandre: "Kalma lang..."
@ervic_vijandre: "Llamado na!!!"

And when Ara didn't win, he was hugely disappointed.

‏@ervic_vijandre: "Grabe yun ah. Muntik ko na sapakin yung TV! Buti nlng mahal pa naman to. Hahaha"

With Ariella's admission that she doesn't have a boyfriend, she has already denied Ervic Vijandre. It could also be that she's not yet ready to admit their relationship, or maybe that, they're not yet "on", but goin' there.

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