Annalie "Ali" Forbes at Miss Grand International 2013 Q&A: "Thank you to all donator"

Miss Philippines Ali Forbes stirs up debate over using the word "donator" at the final Question and Answer (Q&A) Portion of Miss Grand International 2013 in Thailand

After the 3rd Runner Up finish by Ariella Arida at Miss Universe 2013 over a week ago, here's another reason to celebrate for the typhoon-hit Philippines.

Miss Philippines Annalie "Ali" Forbes also finished 3rd Runner Up in the maiden Miss Grand International pageant held in Bangkok, Thailand last night, November 19. Crowned winner was the candidate from Puerto Rico, Janelee Chaparro.

Ali Forbes was considered a strong favorite for the crown and many believe she could have won, if only she gave an impressive delivery of her answer during the Question and Answer Portion.

During the final Q&A, all Top 5 finalists were asked with a common question: "What would you do to prevent war and global conflict?"

The very poised Miss Philippines was so confident at first in responding to the question, but she stumbled during the later part, uncertain of whether she would use "donation" or "donator" in her statement as she took the opportunity to thank those countries who donated for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.

Here's how Ali Forbes answered the final question:

"Mabuhay, Sawatdee ka Thailand! As a beauty queen, I will use my position to promote the advocacy of Miss Grand International by using various instruments, such as social media, the pageant itself and if necessary, a personal presence to spread the wonderful message of peace by stopping war. And I want to thank...all of the do..donātio?...donator of our country from the last Typhoon Yolanda. Thank you Thailand and to all of the countries who donate to us. Maraming maraming salamat po from the Philippines!"

It's being debated online if there's such word as "donator" or if it's the right term to refer to those who donated for the Philippines.

Yeah, "donor" could have been the more appropriate term and is the one more commonly used.

Searching for "donor" in Google would yield 52.3 million results, while "donator" would only have 12.6 million.

But Miss Philippines was also right, 'coz "donator" is a valid term. According to Merriam-Webster definition, "donator" is a noun which means donor and is also synonymous to the words "benefactor", "contributor", "giver", "patron" and "philantrophist".

I believe that it was not her use of "donator" which cost her the crown. For me, it wasn't only the content of her answer, but also the delivery and the over-all impression.

In fact, Miss Puerto Rico was the only one among the Top 5 finalists who needed an interpreter. And the translation of her answer wasn't that impressive actually, but still, they crowned Miss Puerto Rico as Miss Grand International 2013 winner.

But still, congratulations to Ali Forbes for the 3rd Runner Up placement. It's already a a big honor for the Philippines, a really bright and inspiring news for the Filipinos especially after those recent tragedies in the country.

Certainly, the Philippines will be once again the top-performing country this 2013 as far as pageants are concerned:

Megan Young - Miss World 2013, also Continental Queen of Asia and Top Model winner
Mutya Datul - Miss Supranational 2013, also Miss Personality
Ariella Arida - 3rd Runner Up at Miss Universe 2013
Ali Forbes - 3rd Runner Up at Miss Grand International 2013
Cindy Miranda - Top 10, Miss Tourism Ambassador Asia and Best in Attitude at Miss Tourism Queen International 2013
Maureen Wenceslao - Top 10, Best in Interview and Online People's Choice winner at Face of Beauty International 2013
Erimar Ortigas - Top 10 and Popular Vote winner at Mr. Gay World 2013
Kristina Cassandra Ybarra - Top 10 at Miss International Queen 2013
Czarina Rosales - Top 15, Miss Talent, Miss Asia Pacific World Star, Best Model and The World's Most Beautiful Supertalent at the Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent 2013
Aiyanna Mikiewicz - Miss Tourism Asia at Miss Tourism World 2013
Christina Devries - Miss Photogenic at Miss United Continent 2013

Upcoming pageants:
Mister International - Nov. 21
Mrs. World - Nov. 23
Miss Earth - Dec. 7
Miss Intercontinental - Dec. 14
Miss International - Dec. 17
Miss Tourism International - Dec. 31

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