What's with Marimar's billboard?


You might have seen already weeks ahead of me, the official billboards of GMA 7's much-anticipated and well-celebrated Filipino version of Marimar, that are situated in some parts in Metro Manila.

I personally love the billboard, with its stars Marian Rivera as Marimar and Dingdong Dantes as Sergio. The promotional materials have actually different variations. There are some showing Marian only, one with Dingdong, one with the rest of his co-stars, or Dingdong only as Sergio and more.

I admire how the photographer has artistically hidden Dingdong's chest. As a lot of people know that there's something interesting in Dingdong's chest, just like what you've seen in "Atlantika" before. There was one episode that has shown Dingdong's nips, then the next episode, no more half-naked Aquano shown on TV, only he was shown up to his shoulders only. Let me show you a photo that I have found at Manila Gay Guy.

The original Sergio, Eduardo Capetillo wasn't afraid to show some skin in the Mexican version of Marimar. It's indeed a tough challenge for Dingdong to play as Sergio.

Marimar, the Filipino version, premieres this August 13, 2007 on GMA 7.

Bonus Video: A special video of Marimar este Marimaw

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