Amazing Stories

Just recently, two great stories happened which would make you believe more that miracles do happen.

Amazing Story #1
August 05, 2007. An 8-year old Israeli boy by the name of Shneur Zalman Friedman was missing for 6 hours in the Dead Sea after his father and two brothers accidentally left him while they were taking a bath. Rescuers could not believe that they would find the boy alive. The boy said he was just calm, saying prayers and thinking about his friends in schools all throughout the 6 hours of floating in the Dead Sea. More about this story here. (AP Photo/Zaka, Religious Rescue Workers, HO)

Amazing story #2
August 06, 2007. Matthew Savage, 17 of Gainesville, GA, miraculously survived after falling 6 stories from a hotel balcony. You might think he has broken bones and is paralyzed, but you're wrong. After falling, he just stood up with bruises and skin abrasion, then went back to his room. He's totally fine. Details of the story here.

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