Mykiru's 1st Catch: WCOPA 2007 Champion Dylan Koroll

Lago Lagapa Raterta or more popularly known as Iago Raterta of the Philippines was one of the Senior Finalists in the Modelling Category of the 11th World Championships of the Performaning Arts held last August 04. I thought he will win the said category, considering his exotic features and muscular body, plus his modelling experiences, locally and abroad. But, he failed to win as grand champion. So who won over Iago?

Dylan Koroll, who stands 6", of Canada won over Iago and he's only 17. Well, the moment I saw his photos, I was truly amazed. I really really like his features. Aside from emerging as champion in the modelling category, he also won in the Acting category. Dylan is after all a professional actor and model in Canada.

With his two amazing feats, it was just proper to declare him the over-all grand champion in the senior division, beating all other champions in different categories. Dylan deserves it. He's such a masterpiece. Take a closer look at some photos of this gorgeous Canadian hunk.

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  2. u clearly have never met me buddy
    i hope my success doesn't bother u too much, but stop being jealous.
    best wishes,

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  4. well different from the comment above, i also know dylan and to be honest he is a very nice person who is very far from being conceited or at all cocky even thought he has every reason to be. He has done awesome in his competitons this summer and i'm proud of him!

  5. Im extremly happy for dylan! Ive known him since junior high, and I consider us good friends. This boy has talent, I dont care. Ive seen him act many times, and everytime I was completly in awe. Hes extremly talented, and deff deverse it. I wish the best for him, and his career in hollywood!!!

  6. Pardon me, but only someone who posts as "Anonymous" is a douche bag. I guarantee you that the people who are his team mates (who are all very close to him) will tell you incredibly different. Take this from someone who used to live in Okotoks.

    Dylan never ceases to blow my mind with how GROUNDED he is. Always polite, always modest. Just because he's following he dreams doesn't mean that he's attention starved. The thing about tiny towns is you get what you see. You see Dylan as being a good looking guy who likes drama. I bet you didn't even take time to get to know him. That's what people in my day call "self-centered".

    This dude deserved every ounce of fame he gets. He works his ass off, and people who put him down are just exactly the type of energy that he USES to make himself bigger.

    Another thing, how exactly is an anonymous blog supposed to change anyone's views about him? Are we supposed to read that and come to some sort of epiphany? Anyone who has spent five minutes with Dylan knows he's a fantastic guy.

    Whoever shuts Dylan down... say you're not jealous. Say whatever you want, but the fact of the matter is, he's doing absolutely amazing at something and he's getting the credit he deserves. Face it, he's gonna be huge whether you call him a "jackoff" or not.

    Take that slice of cake and chew on it, you moron.

  7. ok buddy, ur talkin out of pure jealousy
    i probably have more friends than u, which wouldn't be hard considering your attitude. Now i'd appriciate it if u wouldn't try and talk crap about me because of a grudge or jealousy, and if u are, dont do it unanumously. Talk to me face to face if u have a problem, because im pretty sure i already know who u r.
    Theres not a lot of people in this town who would write that about me, and anyone who would, doesn't know me very well.
    Thanx for visiting the page though, and to who ever wrote this article, thank u so much. I truly appreciate your support!

  8. Iago Raterta was an outstanding person and model, and i'm honored to even be considered in the same catagory as him

  9. wow dylan, i'm deeply honored that you're here, appreciating what I've written about you. that makes me believe more of your talent and personality. keep it up!

  10. Matt Shaw said....

    Hey, if anybody is busy looking back at the past then they'll never be able to see the future. From what I saw in this young man was an extremely rare personality. Why? Because even though there may be those who do not respect him the way I do. I watched a 17 year old who always puts others before himself become a motivator and an example of what a person can really achieve when they believe in there dreams.
    From the moment I met this guy I knew he was going somewhere. Hes a team player and hes paving a road for everyone else to follow! I can't think of any other person who deserves more! Congratulations man! You have a family to be proud of and friends who will always be by your side. And if somebody doesn't like the way this guy rolls. To bad! Cause hes found his passion in life and there nothing that will ever get in his way of it! I envy his personality, his family, and his drive to succeed! I am still amazed at how this guy can find it in himself to forgive those who try to bring him down. Go all the way man! I'll be routing for you with the billions of other fans!! May all your passions and dreams come true for you, your family, and your friends!!

  11. I had the priviledge of being on the same team as Dylan and since the first time I saw him I knew he was going to make it! And yes, Dylan is one of the most down to earth, humble stars I have evet met!
    I wish everybody could have been at the WCOPA finals. When he walked on stage for the acting category he had the whole house on it's feet! He took a huge risk and nailed it.

    I have never been so proud in my life! Everybody from all the countries represented were cheering for him. Not only because he was absolutely brilliant, but also because throughout the week he was a friend to everobody! His performance whas just a step above anything else on that stage the whole week. At the end of the evening the presenter asked if the audience has made up their minds about who should be the champion. People from Jamaika, Haiti, South Africa and the Us,to name a few, were all screaming "Dylan, Dylan". In a competition where patriotism is key, Dylan has crossed that border and everybody knew there was just one winner!

    Dylan, buddy it is an honor and will always be! Team Canada cannot be more proud!!! We love you, believe in you and will watch your every step with much anticipation and love!! You have 22 friends for life who knows you for who you really are!

    Marina Theron

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  13. to reply to other people, i have played ball with dylan for years , and he is an egotistical cocky person but hey that is what dylan is, thats how we know him and that what makes him great. Every school, group or gathering needs some one to do this and im glad dylan is this person for us because honestly most other people would get shit kicked for acting like this.

  14. Dylan is o.k. I guess. If you saw me you'd know what I mean - want to talk about hot I'm IT!!!! Whoever made up the top 10 list has obviously never met me or my hot cougar friends. Dylan you are priviledged to be surrounded with such beauty on a constant basis. Thanks for all the great memories (p.s. don't tell your mum)

    Love Bernie xxxxx

  15. your mom must be cute for you to turn out like you did!

  16. wow, dylan you are amazing!! nice work, and that is so crazy how far you've gone. that's really amazing, and you're pictures are very nice. i'll most likely see you around here sometime soon ;).

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  18. dylan you are an amazing guy who has been through a lot and helped me through a lot as well.
    i know how hard you worked and how hard you'll continue to work. im sooo happy for you i dont think you even know. before you leave please come up to cochrane and see me because personally i would love to hang out with you again before you take off and become the most famous person there is. i knew you before this shit went down and id like to continue to know you long afterwards.
    you're a fantastic kid dylan, dont you dare ditch out on me completely.
    i pretty much love you like a brother buddy. you've been huge in my life...and you've done damn well for yourself.
    good luck sir...XOXOXOXOXO.


  19. Dylan, I knew it from the start. I said it in my last comment and I'll say it as many times as I think it neccessary. You're amazing, you're focused... and none of the douche bag, twat faced morons are gonna make a difference. Right buddy? Marina is right. There are 22 friends on this team that are not only your friends for life, but they're your family. We're watching you, cheering you on all the way and even louder than we were at the finals because this time we'll be cheering from our own living rooms.

    It's no surprise that Sarah and I agree with each other. AND I totally agree with that quote: In fact, I even have a picture to go with it. Hm, don't I Dylan?

    Dude, I'm effing proud of you. I never knew I could feel so happy for someone else. The kind of happiness I felt for you up on that stage when you took each of those THREE massive trophies, was the kind of happiness so deep that it felt completely surreal. You're my brother Dylan. There's no other way I can describe it. I'd pound fists with you because I'm feeling kinda gangster now after this touching emotional blip on the radar. But dude, seriously... You effing rock star.

  20. hey dylan, i would just like to congratulate u on ur success at the championships. even though i have known u for like 8 years, i never knew you could act and i never knew you had so much talent. all the best

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  22. ok, this is crossing the line
    that is the biggest load of crap i have ever heard
    i am sick of u people trying to make me sound like a horrible person
    if u knew the first thing about me, u would know that u sound like a moron for suggesting i would do something like that
    and if ur so sure, then why dont u have a name
    and for the record, would sucha horrable person like me drop science to work with diversity student?
    thats right, im using my acting to help handicapped students learn drama, betcha didnt know that, did yah?


  23. Dylan!! How are you? Obviously a lot of people who think that they know you definitely don't. They should not even think of writing those horrible things becasue they are entirely untrue. You are the most true and honest person I know and I thank you all the more for it. I am so proud of all your accomplishments and I wish you so much luck in your future. Going and living in New York wil be such an amazing experience - you will definitelly have to tell me all about it when the time comes. YOu have a great group of friends who are so willing to stand up for what's right - those inconsiderate people won't realize what an amazing person you are until it's too late and you have moved on to fulfilling your dreams that you have worked so hard to achieve. I admire your charm and your captivating personality.
    Best of luck in everything! I'll support you all the way hun!
    -Jessie Niles

  24. First of all i would just like to congratulate dylan on his success at worlds!! he truly is deserving of everything that came his way!! i had the pleasure of participating in Worlds this year and before i actually went, Dylan was our acting and modeling coach. not only did he help out with constructing the piece to make it sound better but he made everybody feel good about themselves! Dylan is one of the most kind-hearted, sincere and down-to-earth guy you will ever meet and i have been going to school with him since Grade four and i don't have a problem with him. so i don't see why some of you fags do. Sure sometimes Dylan is high on himself, but he's got every fucking right to be! He worked his ass off to get where he is today and i have never felt so happy for someone in my life. Even though he never competed with me, Dylan is like a brother to me because of his ability to forget and forgive even his worst enemies. that only comes from someone who is destined to achieve great things! Dylan, man, i am soooooo fuckin proud of you!! You are an inspiration and a hope to so many people all over the world. I am so happy that i know you and can't wait for you to shine! To all your enemies out there: go shove your heads in a shit-filled toilet and breathe in cuz when this guy's on top ur all gonna burn in hell so HA!!!

    - Kris Neufeld

  25. The world is not ready for this boy. He's going to take the world by storm and do great things.