LOOK how Nadine Lustre is exercising her right as James Reid's girlfriend

James Reid and Nadine Lustre were caught in one very romantic moment on the set of their hit primetime soap 'Till I Met You'.

In one of JaDine's captured moments while taping for the soap, Nadine perhaps was feelin' so tired that she needed to rest her head on James' lap. But wait, sa lap nga ba?

Wherever it is, Nadine was just exercising her right as James' girlfriend. And for me, it's just one of the sweetest moments among couples - guy letting her girlfriend's head rest on his lap (and not the usual - girl resting head on guy's shoulder). I've also read somewhere that guys secretly love such position.

The photo was first posted in the official TIMY website, uploaded in the "Captured Moments" section and is starting to get viral online as JaDine fans enjoying that sweet sight of the real-life sweetheart. - Mykiru.ph

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