VIRAL: MRT Girl Karla Monique Olandesca's Facebook rant against a guy who didn't offer his seat

A certain Karla Monique Olandesca is all over my timeline now, as netizens criticize her for "shaming" the guy who didn't offer his seat to her while inside the MRT.

While Karla Monique isn't the only girl in the Philippines who laments about not getting a seat whether in MRT, in jeep or bus, what she did to the guy was wrong. She apparently took a photo of the guy inside the MRT, posted it online then shamed him, even described him as un-gentleman and having an ugly attitude as ugly as his face.

Netizens unfortunately aren't backing up the seat-hungry lady's FB rant, and are on the guy's side.

They're bashing her now for being "demanding", for her bad attitude towards the guy, and for not yet living in this brand new world of gender equality, where only PWDs, pregnant women, elderly people and even women carrying babies get special treatment.

Karla Monique allegedly changed her FB name now to Maxene Montero after getting much bullying and criticism. A quick look at her latest FB post, she seems unapologetic and said that she's just laughing at it (if it's indeed her legitimate FB account).

The guy meanwhile, identified as Ryan Aldrin Alcon, is said to be a working student from STI. And he's so nice to be the one saying sorry for not offering his seat to the girl in MRT. According to his FB post, he was already tired coming from work and took an MRT ride so he won't be late for school.

Our dear girls out there could learn a lesson from this. Just hope, but don't expect nor demand. When you get a seat after a long queue, you're lucky. When a guy offers you a seat, you're luckier and be thankful. But don't be mad if a guy doesn't offer you his seat. He has no such obligation to you, just because you're a woman.

And always remember, being a woman is not a weakness ok? Be a woman and be human. -

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