PBB Lucky Season 7 Teens' 1st Nomination Results

Pinoy Big Brother PBB Lucky Season 7 held its 1st Nomination Night for its 12 teen housemates, 17 days after they all entered the Big Brother house. Who among the 5 boys and 6 girls are nominated this week and will be up for eviction on Saturday?

Housemates' reaction as host Toni Gonzaga reveals the nominees (credits: Pinoy Big Brother/ABS-CBN)

The results of the nomination have been posted below as revealed on PBB's episode tonight, August 23. Many were expecting that the nominees will include Christian, who turned off many viewers after his fight with Marco the other day. (READ: Marco Gallo vs Christian Morones Confrontation on PBB Lucky Season 7)

And Christian indeed turned out as one of the 3 official nominees.

Aizan Perez - 2pts for Christian, 1pt for Edward
Christian Morones - 2pts for Aizan, 1pt for Rita
Edward Barber - 2pts for Kisses, 1pt for Vivoree
Fenech Veloso - 2pts for Aizan, 1pt for Christian
Heaven Peralejo - 2pts for Christian, 1pt for Kisses
Kisses Delavin - 2pts for Christian, 1pt for Heaven
Kristine Hammond - 2pts for Christian, 1pt for Aizan
Marco Gallo - 2pts for Christian, 1pt for Fenech
Maymay Entrata - 2pts for Christian, 1pt for Rita
Rita Gaviola - 2pts for Christian, 1pt for Aizan
Vivoree Ecleto - 2pts for Christian, 1pt for Aizan
Yong Muhajil - 2pts for Aizan, 1pt for Christian

Christian - 18pts - nominated
Aizan - 9pts - nominated
Kisses - 3pts - nominated
Rita - 2pts - safe
Edward - 1pt - safe
Fenech - 1pt - safe
Vivoree - 1pt - safe
Heaven - 1pt - safe

- Only 4 housemates did not get a single point: Yong, Maymay, Kristine and Marco
- Almost all of the housemates nominated Christian. It was only Edward who didn't name him as nominee.
- Surprisingly, after their misunderstanding, Christian did not nominate Marco. The latter however nominated Christian.
- Heaven and Kisses nominated each other, as well as Christian and Aizan.

It was revealed that no public voting will be done until only 7 housemates remain. The first five evictees will be determined based on who will lose on the challenges to be given by Big Brother. - Mykiru.ph

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