Did Kaila Estrada get "too close" to Tommy Esguerra in Macau? Miho Nishida reacts!

Tommy Esguerra posted on Instagram yesterday a photo of him with Kaila Estrada, the 20-year-old daughter of Janice de Belen and John Estrada, while they were waiting for their Macau flight at NAIA Terminal 2. They arrived in Macau late afternoon the same day.

Did Tommy's girlfriend for 8 months now, Miho Nishida, get jealous of Kaila Estrada after seein' the picture?

Tommy and Kaila are both SM Youth Ambassadors, and Globe brought them to Macau to cover Blue Man Group's show.

The above photo of Tommy and Kaila generated mixed reactions from ToMiho fans, with some of them putting malice on it. Did they really get too close? Did they give a reason for Tommy's girlfriend Miho Nishida to get jealous?

Miho gave us the answers when she herself made these comments on Tommy's Instagram pic. She wrote in bold: "TOMMY IS MINE". She said that she knows Tommy loves her a lot, but she just doesn't like seein' him that close with other girls.

I know Miho was just joking around when she said "Tommy is mine", in reference to Tommy's famous line during their PBB days. Remember Tommy's "Miho is mine" statement when Jameson Blake entered the house?

But Miho's second statement was somehow a warning to all the girls out there, whether she meant it or not. I think it's just a normal reaction.

Kaila meanwhile has also posted a photo of her and Tommy enjoying the sights in Macau.

Perhaps in an effort to pacify the fans who were reacting maliciously over Tommy's IG po, Miho later tweeted that she was just joking and told the fans not to take seriously the comments that she made on Tommy and Kaila's photo.

@gt_miho: "Good evening! Wag nyo pong pagisipan ng msama si Tommy! Love ko po sha wag nyo pong seryosohin kc im joking lang po talga... 😃😰"

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