Yeng Constantino's emotional reaction to Manny Pacquiao's controversial statement

Yeng Constantino got emotional while reacting to the controversial issue concerning the LGBT community. It is still in connection with Manny Pacquiao's controversial statement wherein he compared hom-s-xuals to animals.

An 8-minute video was uploaded on Yeng's Facebook Page as her reaction to the issue, joining the likes of Vice and Boy Abunda, who have strongly reacted to Manny's anti-gay statement. (READ: Manny Pacquiao gets knocked out by Boy Abunda for anti-gay "worse than animals" comment)
Watch the said video!

Yeng Constantino sheds tears as she reacts to Manny Pacquiao's controversial statement against homos-xuals. Watch video!(Originally uploaded by Yeng on her FB Page)

Posted by Mykiru Isyusero on Thursday, February 18, 2016
According to Yeng, she had to react after someone on Twitter urged her to also take a stand AGAINST hom-s-xuals, something she'll never do 'coz she has a gay brother (Cookie), pictured with Yeng below.

Yeng and her brother she call as "Kuks" (via Instagram)

Yeng recorded the video while she is in Palawan, celebrating with husband Yan Asuncion for their 1st year wedding anniversary. -

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