Hashtags' Ronnie Alonte and rumored girlfriend in viral pictures

Does Ronnie Alonte of the HASHTAGS have a girlfriend?

That was left unanswered until yesterday when Ronnie denied having one during "Singing Mo 'To" segment of 'It's Showtime'.

Ronnie had to be asked by Showtime host Amy Perez perhaps after girlfriend rumors linking him to a girl who's also from his province, Laguna, circulated online, along with these now viral pictures where they appear to be sweet, like a boyfriend-girlfriend.

Who is she? Is he the girlfriend who got denied by Ronnie?

She is Jane de Leon, one of Star Magic's newest artists who's now part of the newest girl group GIRLTRENDS. Just like the Hashtags, they also appear regularly on It's Showtime.

"Wala po," Ronnie said with hesitation when Tiyang Amy asked him if he indeed has a girlfriend during yesterday's "Singing Mo 'To" segment on Showtime. He was hesitant to answer it, seemed unsure whether he was to admit or deny, then whispered something to Tiyang Amy. It made the fans curious about what he really told the latter off the mic.

On Twitter, Amy revealed what he whispered to her, and according to her tweet, Ronnie just reiterated that he has no girlfriend.

On the part of Jane, she is allegedly denying as well, insisting that she and Ronnie are just best friends. - Mykiru.ph

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