'The Corpse of Anna Fritz' actors thank Filipino fans

Everyone's talkin' about 'The Corpse of Anna Fritz', a controversial Spanish film released in 2015!

Even celebrities like Kiray Celis tweeted about it.

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'The Corpse of Anna Fritz' was directed by Hector Hernandez Vicens, and starred Alba Ribas in the title role of Anna Fritz, Cristian Valencia as Ivan, Albert Carbo as Pau and Bernat Saumell as Javi.

It's a story of a beautiful woman who recently died, but two men took full advantage of her while she's laying lifeless. And that disturbing act brought her to life. Wow! What an interesting thriller film!

Filipino fans have expressed their appreciation of the film in social media, and praised the actors for their portrayal. "The Corpse of Anna Fritz" was even trending on Twitter for over 10 hours today.

Now aware of how their movie and their performances made an impact to the Filipinos, the film's stars even thanked them for the praises and support they've been getting.

Albert Carbo even tried to tweet in the Filipino language. I think he meant was, he's thankful for the wonderful comments. He also said that it's amazing to think how the internet can change everything in just one day. Wow!

Alba Ribas, the beautiful Anna Fritz in the movie, also tweeted about how she is surprised by the Filipinos' warm reception of the movie.

Bernat Saumell meanwhile even responded to Kiray's tweet.

Many are hoping that the movie gets a remake in the US, or here in the Philippines. - Mykiru.ph

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