American Idol 2016 Results: Top 14 are revealed!

American Idol 2016 (Season 15) Top 14 now complete!

From 24, the contestants of 'American Idol 2016: The Farewell Season' are down to just 14, after 5 were eliminated last week and another 5 this week.

The Top 24, before they become Top 14 (via American Idol Facebook Page)

So, who among the Top 24 made it to the Top 14 of 'American Idol' Season 16 and will compete next in the Live Shows?

Mackenzie Bourg, 22, Louisiana
Jeneve Mitchell, 15, Colorado
Sonika Vaid, 19, Massachusetts
Gianna Isabella, 15, New Jersey
Thomas Stringfellow, 17, Arkansas
Avalon Young, 20, California
La'Porsha Renae, 21, Mississippi
Olivia Rox, 16, Colorado
Dalton Rapattoni, 19, Texas
Lee Jean, 15, Georgia
Manny Torres, 20, Michigan
Trent Harmon, 24, Mississippi
Jenn Blosil, 23, Utah
Tristan McIntosh, 15, Tennessee

Adam Lasher, 28, California
Amelia Eisenhauer, 15, Illinois
CJ Johnson, 28, Tennessee
Emily Brooke, 16, Florida
James Dawson VIII aka James The Eight, 23, California
Jenna Renae, 23, New York
Jordan Sasser, 26, North Carolina
Kory Wheeler, 26, Tennessee
Shelbie Z, 23, Alabama
Stephany Negrete, 20, California

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