Who's the cutest HASHTAGS member?

They're certified cuties, no doubt about it, but who's really the cutest?

pics credit to @hashtags_showtime via Instagram

Since their launch on It's Showtime last November 11, I have been holding this so-called "face-off battle" on Twitter (via @mykiru) for the promising male group HASHTAGS to determine the cutest of them all.

Just want to clear that I don't intend to launch war among their fans. It's just for fun (even One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer and EXO members went through like this before), and I just needed help to come up with a list ranking the HASHTAGS members according to cuteness.

And I'm ready to reveal it after a total 55 faceoffs.

Their ranking was based on the average percentage they got from each faceoff.

Hashtag Ronnie Alonte ranks on top spot, followed by Hashtag Jameson Blake. Hashtags McCoy De Leon, Jimboy Martin and Nikko Natividad occupy 3rd to 5th places.

Check out the faceoff results below:

Thank you for taking part in our faceoff battles for the 11 Hashtags members. Did your favorites rank high on the list? - Mykiru.ph

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