Little Miss Solaine 2014 winners Duchess Blythe Uybengkee and Marydeel Manayaga, both from Cebu

Cebuana girls were crowned as Little Miss Solane Cuties and Teenies 2014 winners during the contest finale held recently at SMX Taguig Convention Center.

I'm glad that 2 of my top favorites among the cuties emerged as the Top 2 winners, but not my top Teenie favorite #11 Micah Jillian Antonio from Rizal who failed to land in the Top 3.

Candidate #11 Micah Jillian Antonio

Below are the official results of Little Miss Solane 2014 National Pageant Day.

From L-R: Isla LPG Corporation CEO Ramon del Rosario, 1st runner up winners Steph Netthel Redne Yamut (Cuties) and Ma. Dominique Trillana (Teenies), Little Miss Solane 2014 Cutie Marydee Manayaga, Little Miss Solane 2014 Teenie Duchess Blythe Uybengkee, 2nd runner up winners Ashley Kate Arindain (Cuties) and Kyla Angelica Marie De Catalina (Teenies), and Isla Petroleum and Gas CEO Shoichi Watanabe. (credit to Fuentes Manila)

LITTLE MISS SOLANE 2014 TEENIE - #6 Duchess Blythe Uybengkee, 13, Cebu City
LITTLE MISS SOLANE 2014 CUTIE - #3 Marydee Manayaga, 7, Cebu

1ST RUNNER UP TEENIE - #8 Ma. Dominique Trillana, 14, Manila
1ST RUNNER UP CUTIE - #1 Steph Netthel Redne Yamut, 7, Cebu

2ND RUNNER UP TEENIE - #10 Kyla Angelica Marie De Catalina, 14, Davao City
2ND RUNNER UP CUTIE - #6 Ashley Kate Arindain, 7, Quezon City

Best in National Costume (Teenies) - #12 Sharmine Michaela Richards, 14, Cebu City
Best in National Costume (Cuties) - #1 Steph Netthel Redne Yamut, 7, Cebu
Little Miss Best Friend (Teenies) - #12 Sharmine Michaela Richards, 14, Cebu City
Little Miss Best Friend (Teenies) - #7 Sofia Berry Villanueva, 8, Cebu City

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