Vhong Navarro, Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee face off at Taguig RTC

Deniece Cornejo has already surrendered to the police authority Monday, May 5, 2014. She surrendered exactly 2 weeks after the warrant of arrest was issued against her and 4 more including Cedric Lee and Zimmer Raz, who were already arrested 10 days ago.

Deniece Cornejo surrenders, detained at PNP headquarters in Camp Crame (credit to Doland Castro / ABS-CBN

Deniece looks miserable, doesn't she? Same look in her mug shots which have been leaked online. (For her right to privacy, I decided not to post her mugshots here.)

Seeing her in that situation somehow makes me feel kinda bad for her, but she has to go through with this, either to pay for whatever crime she committed, or to prove she's not guilty (as what she's consistently been trying to tell us.)

She stayed overnight at PNP-CIDG detention or jail cell along with 14 other female suspects accused of human trafficking. How was her first night in jail?

Deniece inside CIDG dentention cell (credit to Julliane ‎Love de Jesus / Inquirer)

I bet she could hardly sleep last night and was thinking of her future all night long. (She's reportedly staying there for 4 more days.)

And this morning, Denice was transported to the Taguig Regional Trial Court (RTC) for a hearing.

According to DZMM's report, Deniece was the first to show up at the Taguig RTC, arriving before 8 AM today. Cedric and Raz came around 1 PM, followed shortly by Vhong, who was summoned to appear in the court hearing.

Vhong, Deniece, Cedric and Zimmer while on their way to Taguig RTC (credit to DZMM and GMA News)

It's the first time ever, since the mauling incident last January, that the victim, Vhong, met face to face with the accused, Cedric, Deniece and Zimmer.

These three are facing a non-bailable case of "serious illegal detention" and 3 more bailable offenses filed by Vhong in connection with the January mauling. Two other suspects, Jed Hernandez and Ferdinand Guerrero, remain at large.

Arrest warrants were issued for the group 2 weeks ago. Cedric and Raz were arrested 4 days later and detained at the NBI detention center.

As to the question of whether Deniece, Cedric and Zimmer will be transferred to an ordinary jail or will stay at a special jail cell, it's yet to be decided by the Taguig RTC after today's hearing.

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