Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro video scandal rumors - true or not?

Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro allegedly made a video scandal together.

While the internet was abuzz Monday about the Chito Miranda and Neri Naig scandal part 2, there were also rumors floating around that "Muling Buksan ang Puso" star Enchong Dee allegedly has his own video scandal with openly gay model and Youtube sensation Sebastian Castro.

There are actually two versions. There's another rumor swirling that it is only Enchong in the video doing something which straight people don't do.

Enchong actually has been a favorite subject of issues like this year after year since he entered showbiz. In 2010, there was this so-called Enchong Dee alleged video scandal with a certain Van Mike Burgos. The next year, he was linked to a video of someone who's simply just a lookalike.

Then in 2012, his pictures were being used by a "Gay Indonesia Only" Facebook Page in order to attract potential clients.

And now, this 2013, Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro allegedly have a video scandal.

First of all, do these two know each other personally? Have they met? Are they friends? or what?

Yesterday, Sebastian aired his reaction in all of his social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) after he was bombarded with questions about his alleged video with Enchong. And here's what he said.

sebastianslife: "Sorry to disappoint. Im about 90% sure i dont have a sex vid. Unless my ex secretly taped us, in which case someone will die very soon."

He also posted a screenshot of tweets from his followers who were asking him about the video.

But wait, did Sebastian just admit that Enchong is his "ex"? He was reacting to tweets about an alleged video with Enchong right?

And he's only 90% sure? Meaning, there's still 10% that such video exists.

I hope it's really not true at all.

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