Wowowillie summoned by MTRCB over "excessive flesh exposure"

Wowowillie summoned by MTRCB again!

Wowowillie 's April 16, 2013
episode caught the attention of MTRCB, due to excessive flesh exposure by its female dancers.

On its 3 successive tweets yesterday afternoon, MTRCB said that they're demanding an explanation both from TV5 and Willie Revillame's
noontime variety show over its dancers' very skimpy outfits and
excessive flesh exposure during its episode last Tuesday.

mtrcbgov: "MTRCB summons Wowowillie anew for skimpy outfits and
excessive flesh exposure in 16 April 2013 episode.

mtrcbgov: "MTRCB demands explanation from TV5 & Wowowillie over very skimpy outfits of female dancers in 16 April 2013 episode."

mtrcbgov: "MTRCB expresses concern for children and women viewers concerning excessive flesh exposure in Wowowillie."

MTRCB, TV5 and Wowowillie producers are expected to meet this Monday to resolve the issue.

As a viewer, the revealing outfits on Wowowillie is actually what I've been worrying about since it premiered last January.

I remember there this one episode prior to the latest controversial episode when they featured female bikini open contestants on its
"Willie Of Fortune" with the contestants wearing really skimpy bikini top that almost exposed whole of their upper parts. It was also very
distracting especially when on side view shots by the camera.

This is not the first time that Wowowillie caught MTRCB's attention. The first time was just last month related to its Feb. 28 episode when
host Willie Revillame castigated his co-host Eth3l B00ba.

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