Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Edition 4 Results: Myrtle is Big Winner

Another edition of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB Teen Edition 4) has wrapped up last night, naming Iloilo City's Myrtle Sarrosa as the Big Winner.

The Big Night held at the Malolos Sports and Convention Center has crowned cosplayer Myrtle Sarrosa as PBB Teen Edition 4 Big Winner. Karen Reyes was the 2nd Big Placer, Roy Requejo was 3rd Big Placer and the twins Jai & Joj Agpangan was 4th.

Here's the results of the voting...

1. Myrtle 45.01%
2. Karen 15.93%
3. Roy 10.87%
4. Jai & Joj 10.43%

1. Myrtle 11.09%
2. Karen 4.02%
3. Roy 1.49%
4. Jai & Joj 1.17%

1. Myrtle 33.92%
2. Karen 11.91%
3. Roy 9.38%
4. Jai & Joj 9.26%

The voting results showed that the "votes to evict" didn't make a difference at all in the ranking of the Big 4. Thus even if they didn't implement that, results would still be the same, Myrtle would still be the Big Winner.

It was kinda obvious that PBB wanted a Big Winner other than Myrtle or Karen when they introduced for the first time the "vote to evict" system in determining the Big Winner. During PBB Teens 3rd Edition, it was used during eviction and caused Tricia Santos to be evicted from the house.

And obviously, this time, the "vote to evict" proved useless and it failed to overpower the many fan votes favoring Myrtle Sarrosa. PBB also failed of course in whatever results they wanted to have for the Big 4.


Mykiru's Popularity Poll for PBB Teen Edition 4 housemates also had Myrtle as the top favorite housemate.

This was also the case during PBB Double Up and PBB Unlimited. Melai Cantiveros and Slater Young also topped this blog's popularity poll and they also both ended up as Big Winners. -

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