PBB Teen Edition 4 Big 4 now complete; Ryan Boyce evicted!

Twins Jai and Joj Agpangan now join Roy Requejo, Myrtle Sarrosa and Karen Reyes in the Big 4 of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Edition.

Last Friday, it was revealed that Roy Requejo from Naga City took the first Big 4 slot after he won the "Big Jump to the Big 4" reward.

Then, Myrtle Sarrosa of Iloilo and Karen Reyes of Oriental Mindoro were also announced as Big 4 housemates after getting the highest votes in the voting done from Monday until Friday last week.

Taking the last Big 4 slot are the twins Joj and Jai Agpangan from Bacolod, as announced tonight. They got the 4th highest votes from the said voting.

Losing a chance in the Big 4 were Alec Dungo, who got the lowest votes and was evicted last Friday, and, Ryan Boyce, who got the 2nd lowest votes and was evicted tonight, only 5 days left before the Big Night.

This was the result of the voting last week which was the basis for the inclusion of Myrtle, Karen, Joj and Jai in the Big 4 and for the eviction of Alec and Ryan:

39.58% - ?
26.76% - ?
12.10% - ?
9.85% - Joj & Jai
6.36% - Ryan
5.35% - Alec

It wasn't revealed who among Roy, Myrtle and Karen own those Top 3 votes, but I think 39.58% is for Myrtle, 26.76% for Karen and 12.10% for Roy.

And that's why for the first time in PBB history, there will be Vote to Save and Vote to Evict for the Big 4. Usually, in past editions, it was introduced during evictions and not in voting for the Big Winner.

It could just mean that people behind PBB don't one or two of the Big 4 to end up as Big Winner, so they introduced that "vote to evict" and "vote to save" in the voting system to make sure that the Big Winner got many "save" votes and less "evict" votes. - www.mykiru.ph

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