Kissing Photo of Sam Pinto and Simon Atkins goes viral

The sexy and beautiful PBB Double Up housemate Sam Pinto has a kissing photo scandal which has started to go online hopping recently...

[Image has been removed]

The said scandal photo was first posted on a thread at for over a year ago already and just lately, it draws interests from online users again now that she is one of the existing and exciting housemates of PBB Double Up.

The guy kissing Sam in the picture has been identified as DLSU Green Archers' hottie player Simon Atkins who was Sam's ex-boyfriend.


Inside the house, Sam admitted he likes Paul Jake Castillo over Johan Santos. That's despite the fact that Paul Jake already has a girlfriend waiting outside the house. Sam said that she finds Johan's "hirit" or "pa-pogi" moves as corny.

Sam is undoubtedly the most beautiful and the sexiest housemate this season that most of the male housemates are attracted to her.

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