Exciting lineup of nominees for eviction on PBB Double Up

Transsexual Rica Paras, model Sam Pinto, richy chinito Paul Jake
Castillo and working student Johan Santos form part this week's new set of nominees for eviction on Saturday, the 2nd day of the New Year 2010.

Both Rica and Sam are 2nd time nominees while the two boys are first timers, making the nex evictee very unpredictable. But I must say, this is by far the most exciting lineup of nominees this season because all four have their respective solid fan base.

Rica got the highest number of nods with at total 11 points coming from 6 housemates, including 3 points from Johan who was "kulelat" during the Head of Households {HOH} battle and was obliged to nominate someone face to face. In the past three weeks, both the 3-point giver and received composed the official nominees, such as Carol Batay-Hermes Bautista, Cathy Remperas-Patrick Villanueva and now, Rica-Johan. Incidentally, Carol and Patrick were evicted from the house. Is the next evicted either between Rica or Johan? We'll see...

WHO NOMINATED RICA: Johan, Cathy, Mariel, Paul Jake, Kath and Tibo
WHO NOMINATED SAM: Cathy, Mariel, Paul Jake and Melisa
WHO NOMINATED JOHAN: Hermes, Melisa and Tibo

By far, Melisa 'Melai' Cantiveros is the only housemate of PBB Double Up who is yet to experience facing the danger of being evicted from the PBB house.

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