Ali Claus, no longer just Gerald Anderson's best friend

Ali Claus first caught my attention when I saw this photo with Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson on it:

In the said photo, Ali appears as if he was trying to steal the limelight from Kim and Gerald, to which he succeeded because he definitely caught me.

And when the typhoon Ondoy hit the country two months ago, Gerald Anderson was hailed a hero when he bravely helped in saving the typhoon victims.

As what you can see in the photo below, Gerald was with someone else while rescuing his neighbors. He was with Ali Claus, his longtime bestfriend, but no one was able to recognize Ali's heroism that time.

But thanks God that The Buzz Magazine was able to recognize Ali as a hero when it featured him on its November 2009 issue.

The feature was entitled "Gerald's BFF narrates their ordeal" and there, somehow, we get to know a lil more of Ali, but notice the was still mostly about Gerald.

And now the time has come...

Ali Claus, who was just simply tagged before as Gerald's Best Friend Forever, finally gets his own spotlight when Metro Magazine has chosen him as one of the Metro Bodies for 2009.

In the said mag, Ali is no longer described as just Gerald Anderson's best buddy, but as a promising model with a body to die for.

Ali for sure feels great now to be listed side by side with more popular Metro Bodies for 2009 such as Joem Bascon, Aljur Abrenica and JC Tiuseco.

Mykiru is happy for you Ali!

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