35th MMFF Boxoffice as of Dec. 30

"Ang Panday" has recovered slightly during its run from Days 5 to 6 (December 29-30, 2009). Thanks to its Best Picture award last December 28 'coz it somehow helped the movie earn more millions and grab #1 spot in the overall rankings.

But performing better during the last 4 days of the festival is "I Love You Goodbye" which is earning more than any of the entries lately. However, because of the weight of the earnings during the first two days, the movie is still #4 when it comes to the total 6-day earnings.

DAYS 1 to 4 HERE

DAYS 5 to 6 (December 29-30, 2009)
1. I Love You, Goodbye P13.319 million
2. Ang Panday P12.66 million
3. Ang Darling Kong Aswang P10.385
4. Shake, Rattle & Roll XI P9.57 million
5. Mano Po 6 P6.097 million
6. Nobody, Nobody But Juan P3.895
7. Wapakman P0.428 million

GRAND TOTAL GROSS (From Dec. 25 to 30)
1. Ang Panday P55.977
2. Ang Darling Kong Aswang P55.010
3. Shake, Rattle & Roll XI P51.781
4. I Love You, Goodbye P51.759
5. Mano Po 6 P25.239 million
6. Nobody, Nobody But Juan P23.177
7. Wapakman P2.339 million

6-day figures released by the MMFF Executive Committee

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