'One True Love' not one of the Top 10 Box Office Hits of 2008

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera were considered as the hottest loveteam when they made two hit TV series such as Marimar and Dyesebel, but as far as their movie 'One True Love' is concerned, their tandem is not really that hot as the movie finds it hard to enter the Top 10 Highest Grossing Films of 2008.

As of November 30, 2008, 'One True Love', which premiered in theaters last November 19, has a total gross earnings of 53.2 million pesos, which only ranks 11th highest grossing film of the year.

I expected a lot from this movie especially that their teleseryes were consistent in getting 40+ ratings, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research.

In February, Marian was paired to Richard Gutierrez in the Valentine movie 'My Bestfriend's Girlfriend' and it was a hit, currently #4 in the Philippine Box Office for 2008.

But, with the "not so favorable" box-office results of 'One True Love', it's safe to say that the success of 'My Bestfriend's Girlfriend' can be solely attributed to Richard, who also made another hit last August via 'For the First Time' with KC Concepcion.

Meanwhile, 'Scaregivers' which stars Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola had an amazing start, with a 5-day box-office gross of 13.9 million pesos.

(Tagalog Movies only)
as of November 30, 2008
An EXCLUSIVE Compilation

1. A Very Special Love PHP 179,569,117
2. Caregiver PHP 139,536,302
3. For The First Time PHP 132,774,212
4. My Bestfriend's Girlfriend PHP 101,257,479
5. Dobol Trobol: Lets Get Redi 2 Rambol! PHP 90,507,251
6. When Love Begins... PHP 89,376,729
7. Mag-ingat Ka Sa... Kulam PHP PHP 85,469,574
8. My Only Ü PHP 78,399,615 (as of November 23, 2008)
9. My Big Love PHP 69,703,502
10. SupahPapalicious PHP 66,988,528
11. One True Love PHP 53,263,747 (as of November 30, 2008)
12. Manay Po 2: Overload PHP 30,405,258
13. My Monster Mom PHP 29,209,289
14. Ikaw pa rin, bongga ka boy! PHP 24,668,554
15. I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust and Love You) PHP PHP 23,709,311
16. Scaregivers PHP 13,899,460 (as of November 30, 2008)
17. Urduja PHP 11,518,774
18. Ploning PHP 10,779,030
19. Loving You PHP 4,336,656
20. Torotot PHP 2,133,244
21. Ate PHP 1,877,603
22. Half Blood Samurai (under PHP 1,000,000)

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  1. You cannot compare the total gross earnings of the movie One true love to those movies that were shown ahead of time.

  2. Yes Anonymous, but you can tally the earnings specifically for a period of time (say from premiere/1st day of showing to 4 weeks)

  3. kung sino man yung unang nag comment dyan hahaha accept mo na lang na hindi talaga ganun ka sikat si marian para pag aksayahan ng tao na magbayad ng movie ticket...kadalasan sa mga movie na napasali sa top 10 ay gawang star cinema maganda kc mga storya at talagang mga sikat yung artista at magagaling umarte..