Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili video scandal

Doc Hayden Kho Jr. and sexy actress Katrina Halili were first linked to each other when they did a duet last September 21, 2007 for one episode of Celebrity Duets Season 1, where Hayden was one of the contestants.

And during that time, Hayden was already romantically involved with Dra. Vicki Belo while Katrina was a famous endorser of Belo.

The sexy song number of Hayden and Katrina was described as "oozing hot" and "one hot couple" in a post by Mykiru and the two registered great chemistry, a sexual chemistry as they say.

"Had it been Katrina Halili was in bikini and Doc Hayden was in trunks, the show might possibly be banned by MTRCB. That was too hot," the post says.

On Pinoy Urge, there was this post entitled 'Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili: the doctor and the patient' where Hayden and Katrina were described as "sight to behold" and very much greatlooking when they are seen "professionally" together.

Hayden had a Body Talk with Ricky Lo of Philippine Star in October of 2007 and he was asked to name three women with nice bodies. He named Vicki of course, Phoemela Barranda and unsurprisingly, Katrina Halili.

Last month, the two were launched together as the main endorsers of Belo's new website and they were totally unwrapped in the promotional photos.

And this month, the three-year love affair of Dra. Vicki and Doc Hayden reportedly ended last December 10 and an alleged scandalous video of Hayden with Katrina was believed to be one of the reasons of the breakup.

No doubt though if Katrina's name will be dragged in the controversial breakup of Dra. Vicki and Doc Hayden as Katrina and Hayden have always been a hot item especially when they worked together either in a TV show or an endorsement.

According to reports, Dr. Vicki Belo accidentally discovered Hayden's scandalous videos stored in his laptop, where Hayden was seen doing sexual acts with different women and one of which was allegedly with Katrina Halili.

Reportedly, Dr. Vicki Belo confronted Katrina about it and the latter Katrina allegedly confirmed she had a more than a year relationship with the hunky Hayden.

While on promotion for the MMFF 2008 entry One Night Only, Katrina guested on Startalk last Saturday, but she neither confirmed nor denied her involvement in the controversial break-up.

As of latest development, Hayden Kho admitted on 24 Oras that he indeed had a suicide attempt last December 10 after his breakup with Dra. Vicki.

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