Michael Jackson dying?

It's shocking to hear that pop icon is Michael Jackson is dying from a lung disease.

According to the rumor, Jackson is sick and dying, after a lung transplant. One allegation says that Jackson is suffering from a lung infection, emphysema, internal bleeding, and can barely see out of left eye.

In a report by FOXNews, the rumor isn't true as Jackson is not suffering from any fatal diseases.

Reports of his ailing health have been extremely exaggerated, says FOXNews.

The King of Pop is reportedly doing fine and wasn't ill.

Maybe, it's another planned publicity for Michael Jackson.

FOXNews recalls that for the past years, Jackson illnesses have been identified as vitiligo, Lupus, addiction to prescription pain killers, and laziness. He's also a publicity hound who thinks that news of illness will make him sympathetic to the public.

Fans of Michael Jackson need not worry now as their idol is not dying and according to his spokesperson, he is planning to have a world tour next year.

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