Guinness World Records 2009 Edition


Brangelina, who recently had twins, now holds the Guinness Record for being the Most Powerful Couple in the World.

The Guinness World Records 2009 Edition has just been released today, September 17, 2008 and here are some of the interesting new records set this 2008, as published on the latest edition.

Oldest Living Person - 114 years and 115 days old, Edna Parker, USA (Previous Record: 114 years old, Yone Minagawa, Japan)

Oldest Bridesmaid - 105-year old Edith Gulliford (UK)

Longest Dog - Irish Wolfhound Mon Ami von der Oelmühle, with nose-to-tail-tip length of 232 cm (91.3 in)

Highest Grossing Actor - Samuel L. Jackson, 68 movies, total
gross of $7.42 billion (£3.94 billion)

Most Lucrative Movie Partnership ever formed - Tim Burton and Johnny Depp (both USA), 5 films grossing £287m ($570.6 million).

Most Powerful Actress - Angelina Jolie (Last year, Jolie shared the record with Jennifer Aniston)

Most Powerful Actor - Brad Pitt (Previous Record: Tom Cruise)

Most Powerful Couple - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jole or Brangelina

Highest Grossing Movie Series - 21 Bond movies

Most Downloaded Movie - Transformers

Most Downloaded Show - Lost, ABC

Most Popular TV Show - House, Fox (Previous Record: Lost, ABC)

Most Searched Person on the Internet - Britney Spears (Previous Record: Paris Hilton

Biggest Chart Mover to the No.1 Position in the UK - The Sugababes’ ‘About You Now’ ,jumped from No. 35 to top spot (Previous Record: Captian Sensible’s ‘Happy Talk’ in 1982).

Best Selling Debut Album in the UK in One Week by a Female Artist - 'Spirit' by X Files winner Leona Lewis'

Fastest Selling Album to Reach 1 Million Copies in the UK by a Female Artist - 'Spirit' by X Files winner Leona Lewis'

Most Grammy Awards Won by a British female Act - Amy
Winehouse, won 5 out of 6 nominations

Highest Demand for Tickets for One Music Concert - Led Zeppelin, 20
million requests for the one-time reunion show in December

Most Successful Songwriter - Sir Paul McCartney, written/co
written 188 charted records, 91 of which reached the Top 10 and 33 made it to No.1 totalling 1,662 weeks on the chart (up to the beginning of 2008)

Youngest Club DJ - 7 years and 98 days

Most Breast Milk Donated by 1 Person - 135.5 litres

Largest Underwater Press Conference - 61 journalists

Most Dangerous Cheese to human health - Casu Marzu (''rotten cheese'').

Biggest best selling copyright book of all time - Guinness Book of World Records

See 2008 Edition

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