PDA Season 2 ends with a bang, beats Season 1's finale ratings

The 2-day finale or the Grand Dream Nights of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 last September 13 and 14 posted ratings considered to be one of the best finale ratings of ABS-CBN programs in the last three years.

The Performance Night last Saturday registered 31.8% rating in Mega Manila while the Awards Night on Sunday, with Laarni Lozada as the Grand Star Dreamer, had a finale rating of 36.1%.

The numbers posted are far higher than Season 1's Grand Dream Night, which only had 25.6%.

Taking a look at both Pinoy Big Brother and PDA finale ratings since 2005, the finale ratings of PDA Season 2: Awards Night is ranked 2nd best.

1. December 10, 2005 Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 41.2%
2. September 14, 2008 Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 36.1%
3. June 30, 2007 Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 34.3%
4. June 7, 2008 Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus 33.8%
5. January 05, 2008 Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 32.3%
6. September 13, 2008 Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 31.8%
7. June 03, 2006 Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 1 28.5%
8. April 01, 2006 Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 1 27.6%
9. December 16, 2006 Pinoy Dream Academy Season 1 25.6%

However, when it comes to total text and online votes gathered, it seems that more viewers voted in Season 1 than in the 2nd season.

1. PBB Season 2 5,187,414 total votes
2. PDA Season 1 2,956,362
3. PDA Season 2 1,850,766

4. PBB Teen Edition Plus 1,710,145
5. PBB Celebrity Edition 2 1,573,938
6. PBB Teen Edition 1 1,512,218
7. PBB Celebrity Edition 1 1,292,821
8. PBB Season 1 1,134,185

After PDA, ABS-CBN will concentrate next on Pinoy Fear Factor, another franchise from Endemol, which is set to premiere this October, 2008.

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3 Comment(s):

  1. Looking at the text votes, is there a particular reason why PBB Season 2 got far, far more votes than other seasons. People seemed involved enough to dish out that much cash, and yet ABS did not even come up with a CD for this season.

    Apart for an apparent strong internet-based support for Gee-Ann and Mickey (alleged soul-mates), there doesn’t seem to be a notable character that explains this almost outrageous turnout of votes.

    Explain please…

  2. hello there..
    other than the fact that the votation was done in two weeks, the promo made by GLOBE telecom probably helped a lot.
    i think the prize was being housemate for a day and another winner of cash prizes in the big night.
    it was also when PBB introduced vote cards where you can have multiply votes.
    the use of electronic pins for TFC and ABS-CBN now subscriptions could also be the reasons why.

    during the pda season 2, those promo were not in full blown.

    hope it helps.

  3. Pinoy Dream Academy achieved astounding success that Pinoy Idol dismally didn't have. In fact, PI (GMA executors, I mean, executives, should have realized the acronym sounded real bad in Filipino) was lackluster. No, make that outrightly lousy. In fact, a friend of mine who was a GMA fanatic commented coupled with curses, "Natapos nang ganon-ganon na lang". On the other hand, even earstwhile GMA viewers were talking about Laarni, Bugoy, Miguel, Liezl (my favorite), Van and Chris days after the Grand Dream Nights. So, tell me what station wields the greatest impact!