Danielle Castano is the new Binibining Pilipinas-World


Danielle Kirsten Muriel Castano, 18, has replaced Janina San Miguel as Binibining Pilipinas-World 2008 titleholder and will represent the Philippines in the 2008 Miss World beauty pageant in South Africa this December.

During the Binibining Pilipinas 2008 pageant, she received the most awards.

Danielle was awarded Miss Photogenic, Miss Poise & Grace, Miss Bacchus Energy Drink, Miss Philippine Air Lines and Miss Ever Bilena.


What is the biggest problem you've ever faced and how did you solve it?

"The biggest problem I've ever faced is when my family separated, my parents separated. I felt really bad, and I, I was, I felt sorrow, deep sorrow, that at the end, I realized that if, that didn't happen, I wouldn't be a strong person, a content person of how I am, and...thank you!."

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  1. Has anyone heard, Danielle Castano together with Maggie Wilson got into a fight in Boracay on April 6, 2009 in the evening. Umabot pa sa point na may tinulak si Danielle na bata, as in 14 years old. Nagalit tuloy ang nanay ng bata, ayan tuloy, nabugbog si Danielle. While Ms. Maggie was screaming her lungs off cursing the cops and letting everyone hear her conversation with a lawyer. According to reports, Danielle even cursed the child that she eventually pushed. Paano ba naman, kawawang bata, pinagtanggol lang ang kanyang ina na pinagmumura ng Danielle na yan. Kung balak niya maging nurse someday, wag na niya ituloy, baka madami pa siyang masaktan na tao!

  2. this comment is true. i was there! hindi naman talaga sa jude nangyari, it was in juice bar. danielle and maggie is tripping against one of ann's friend, dahil naging ex ng boyfriend ngayun ni maggie named jamie. one of ms. berroya's friend talked to danielle and maggie not to make fun and talked about their Girl friend, and they started to freak out and start cursing the guy, then jamie maggie's boyfriend talk to the guy. then, lumapit si ms. berroya para umawat lang, then danielle started cursing her and asked her this Questions "Do you know who i am?!!!? nag feeling sikat sya, miss berroya doesnt even know her at all. Ms. berroya is not the one who slapped her, she was slapped because she threw a purse into one of ms. berroya's friend, a gay friend, then nagdilim ang paningin ng bakla at sinampal sya ng sobrang lakas!!!! sobrang buwisit talaga ang mga pulis kila maggie wilson and dannielle dahil mga bastos ang mga bibig! mali mali pa ang mga pinagsasabi nila, iba ang police report nila, iba ang sa interview, iba ang sa newspaper, very inconsistent. pati mga pulis binabastos nila inside the police station, walang mga modo pag wala na ang camera sa mga muka nila! its really true, i was there in juice bar even in the police station. Swear to God thats what happene. Mga sinungaling ang mga yan, feeling kung sino, mga walang Modo naman. hope this one clears up what really happened,. i am from here in Boracay, we dont care who you are and what you do in life, lahat dito pantay pantay... we mingle with the richest people to the one who is poorer than a rat, lahat pantay tingin namin...Mary Ann Berroya is the "Mami Of The Island" everybody respects her here, look up to her and seek advice from her. she is one of the nicest people here in Boracay. what she did is just right, Motherly instinct..she was just trying to protect her son from danielle castano, so she did what a good mother would do. Danielle deserved what she got!!! kulang pa nga yun, ang sarap ng sampal ng lalaki kay danielle mas masarap pa sa bagong luto na chicharon, parang tennis player yata yung gay friend ni Ms. Berroya. God bless you who ever operates this site.

    sincerely yours,