First Catch: Cosmopolitan's 69 Bachelors 2008


Mykiru has it FIRST.

Here's Cosmopolitan Philippines' 69 Bachelor Hunks for 2008, as featured in their September 2008 issue:

(in alphabetical order)

Kurt Agbay, 21, student

Mark Alejandro, 20, actor/model
Victor 'Vic' Aliwalas, 24, actor/model
Raph Almeda, 20, student/model
Bryan Anastacio, 18, student
Edj Baker, 22, entrepreneurship student
Beau Ballinger, 24, director/writer/producer
Max Berces, 20

Dayal Chowdhary, 23, model/surfer

Jacob Cortes, 32, businessman
Jamie Craven, 18, model/student
Vin David, 18, student
Robert de Claro, 24, model
Matthew Encelan, 20, student
Miguel Escueta, 24, recording artist/musician
Rex Espineli, 21, student
Tim Espinosa of Star Magic Batch 15, 21, actor/dancer/model
Nikko Fabi, 27, hs/college professor
Ryan Garalde, 21, model

Ted George, 18, student/model

Kit Guerra, 20, student/professional rugby player

Gaz Holgate, 20, student/professional rugby player
Derick Hubalde, 25, athlete
Errol Iglesias, 23, nurse
JD Irizari, 18, student/model
Sean Jalaeiyan, 21, mechanical engineering student/model
Dart Kamboozia, 21, model
Aref Kiasati, 19, dentist/model
Pao Larosa, 23, model/fitness instructor
Jake Letts, 20, student/professional rugby player
Michael Letts, 25, financial advisor/professional rugby player
Xian Lim, 18, student/model
Champ Lui Pio of Hale, 26, musician
Ramy Martin, 30, graphic artist
Michael Mercado, 20, nurse
Luis Montalban, 19, student
Harry Morris, 23, intelligence officer/professional rugby player
Marc Nash, 19, student/model

Steven Near, 23, student

Sean Oh, 18, actor/model
Harold Oide, 20, student
Oliver Orlet, 20, hrm student/model
Jose Javier Ortoll, 29, masseur
Vivo Ouano of Starstruck, 18, actor
Pau Padayhag, 26, entrepreneur/model
Alexander Pelayo, 23, multimedia artist
Drey Penol, 19, model/student
Vinicius Pereira, 22, model
Mister Philippines 2007 Ian Porlayagan, 23, model
Enzo Quitiquit, 20, student
Tyrone Romero, 24, model/businessman
Raefel Roxas, 21. model
Emel Rowe, 21, student/athlete
Jason Saguinsin, 21, model/businessman
Ben Saunders, 18, student/professional rugby player

Oliver Saunders, 22, professional rugby player
Hugo Saurat, 20, student/model
Eric Soriano, 20, student
Karl Sutterlin, 18, student
Wilford Sy, 19, web developer/model
Eric Tai, 25, model/actor/host
KC Thadani, 23, model
Vincent Teotico, 21, business consultant
Quito Trenas, 23, model/student
Cesar Vargas, 22, model
Ervic Vijandre, 22, model/basketball player
Marve Villanueva, 27, businessman
Kenny Waymack of CloseUp2Fame, 25, performer
Trevor Williams, 18, financial management student/model

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