PDA Expulsion Night: Bunny vs Sen

The expulsion of Cebuana lass Apple Abarquez last Saturday, August 09, 2008, was not a surprise especially as far as Mykiru's Popularity Poll is concerned.

Though the poll failed generally by favoring Apple over Miguel Mendoza, the poll was able to put Laarni Losala on top of Apple and Miguel.

On my previous post, I even made a rough estimate that Laarni will get over 50% of the text votes.

Last expulsion night, Laarni got an actual votes of 72.74%, while Miguel got 13.96% and Apple had a very close 13.30%.

It was only a tight race between Apple and Miguel and the votes they got were considered very low as compared to that of Laarni.

There were three probees and it was indeed one great achievement for Laarni to get such very high percentage of votes.

If Laarni's popularity continues, she's a strong contender for the Final Top 3 slots of the season.

This week, another set of probees are up for expulsion on Saturday, August 16, 2008.

Bunny Malunda and Sen Nichols, two of the nicest scholars of PDA Season 2, are on probation and only one of them has to stay.

Without relying on polls, it's kinda obvious that Sen will be saved by texters.

On Mykiru's poll, Sen has votes twice more than Bunny.

Just a rough estimate... Sen will possibly have 69.3% while Bunny will get 30.7%.

After that, I think Inaki Ting will be the next to go.

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