PDA Expulsion Night: Apple vs Laarni vs Miguel

Three scholars of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 are on probation this week and one of them will leave tomorrow night.

They are Laarni Losala, Apple Abarquez and the only guy Miguel Mendoza.

Will the next expelled scholar be a "he" or a "she"?

Inaki Ting, who is one of the remaining scholars, has predicted that Laarni will be the next to go.

According to him, Cebuano viewers will not abandon Apple while Miguel has a great advantage because of his financial status.

He also emphasized that PDA viewers would not want another male scholar to leave, especially after Christian's expulsion two weeks ago.

But Mykiru's Popularity Poll doesn't agree with Inaki.

According to the poll, which now has a total of 2,050 votes as of this writing, Laarni is the most popular among the three probationary scholars and is most likely not leaving tomorrow.

Among the three, it's Miguel who is in great danger.

Based on the poll, the rough estimate of the three's precentage of votes would run this way: Laarni 55.4%, Apple 23.47 and Miguel 21.13.

On my part, I don't mind if Miguel has to go, because he's not getting more impressive each week.

As for Apple, she claims she gave her 100% during her last performance. But it wasn't her best. If she thinks it was already her all out performance, how can we expect something better than that?

Let's admit it. Laarni is getting better each week and if she will be expelled, it will just be so easy for other scholars, who are far inferior than her, to land on the Top 3.

At this point, the Academy still needs a scholar like Laarni so viewers could expect great performances on the coming weeks.

In the first place, Laarni should be the one saved by mentors instead of Bunny.

The mentors justified that they saved Bunny because of great improvements. I'm not against Bunny, but how can the mentors say that Bunny has improved, when in fact, she was on the bottom four for two consecutive weeks already?

On ABS-CBN Forum, Laarni is also the most favored among the three, followed by Miguel, then Apple.

Here's the partial results of Mykiru's Popularity Poll, with Van Pojas still leading the pack:

Van Louelle Pojas (312) 15%
Hansen 'Sen' Nichols (256) 12%
Laarni Losala (236) 12%
Maria Liezel Garcia (231) 11%
Jay 'Bugoy' Bogayon (226) 11%
Cristina 'Cris' Pastor (166) 8%
Chivas Anton Malunda (129) 6%
Jovanni 'Bunny' Malunda (118) 6%
Apple Abarquez (100) 5%
Miguel Mendoza (90) 4%
Ranjit 'Jet' Singh (36) 2%
Rafael Ignacio 'Iñaki' Ting (35) 2%
Jun Ross Dio (33) 2%
Michelle 'Sheng' Belmonte (29) 1%
Beatriz 'Bea' Muñoz (28) 1%
Christian Alvear (25) 1%


It's Midterms week in the Academy and the bottom three have just been announced today. They are Inaki, Bunny and Cris. One of them will be given an automatic probation for the next expulsion night, which is on August 16, 2008.

It has not been announced yet the scholar with the highest grade, who will be given an immunity from being one of the next set of probationary scholars.

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