Van Pojas leading Mykiru's Popularity Poll


Cebuano hottie Van Louelle Pojas is leading the Popularity Poll that I conducted since the start of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2.

Just like in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus, it is one indicator that Van is going to secure an important spot in the Grand Dream Night.

Following Van are Hansen Nichols and Cris Pastor, two other best-looking scholars in the Academy.

Sheng Belmonte's expulsion last night was no surprise because in Mykiru's poll, she is one of the least popular scholar of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2. She was pitted against Jet Singh, who is more popular than her.

Despite being expelled already, Chivas Malunda is still one of the Top 5 Most Popular scholars.

After being the Star Scholar for three consecutive weeks, Liezel Garcia is gaining grounds and now ranks after Cris as most favored female scholar.

It's safe to say that Bea Muñoz, Iñaki Ting and Christian Alvear have lesser followings as compared to the other scholars, as far as popularity poll is concerned.

Here's the partial results of Mykiru's Popularity Poll:

Van Louelle Pojas (129) 15%
Hansen 'Sen' Nichols (103) 12%
Cristina 'Cris' Pastor (79) 9%
Jay 'Bugoy' Bogayon (75) 9%
Chivas Anton Malunda (72) 8%
Maria Liezel Garcia (70) 8%
Apple Abarquez (57) 7%
Jovanni 'Bunny' Malunda (54) 6%
Miguel Mendoza (43) 5%
Laarni Losala (42) 5%
Ranjit 'Jet' Singh (31) 4%
Jun Ross Dio (28) 3%
Michelle 'Shen' Belmonte (21) 2%
Beatriz 'Bea' Muñoz (19) 2%
Rafael Ignacio 'Iñaki' Ting (15) 2%
Christian Alvear (14)

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