PDA Season 2 Expulsion Night: Iñaki vs Christian

Two of the least popular scholars of Pinoy Dream Academy are on probation and one of them will be expelled tonight.

Who between Christian Alvear and Inaki Ting will complete the Headmaster's List (Top 10 scholars)?

Based on Mykiru's popularity poll, it's going to be a tough fight between the two but the majority of PDA viewers wouldn't even care as to whoever leaves tonight.

The poll says, Christian will leave the Academy.

On my part, I want Inaki to stay inside the Academy, because he can still improve. As for Christian, there will be no more improvement, unless he changes voice.


Still on Pinoy Dream Academy...

How true is the news that Bea Muñoz and Miguel Mendoza are not really lovers?

We have witnessed how the two acted out as boyfriend and girlfriend in the academy, had some romantic moments as well as non-sense fights.

The two also revealed they don't have commitments to each other and what they only have is an "open relationship."

Did they only use each other for the sake of being part of PDA?

On The Buzz, Bea even chose Bugoy over Miguel as the season's grand star dreamer.


Last night, it was revealed that Catherine 'Poy' Palma of Zamboanga City will be the season's Honorary Scholar and will have the privilege of becoming an official star if she fulfills the tasks given to her by the Academy.

On PDA's site, it is stated that the Honorary Scholar’s main task is to challenge the top ten Official Scholars, by being the Star Scholar of the Week.

If she does, she will have a P50,000 reward.

Three Star Scholar of the Week titles for Poy would mean either P150,000 and leave the Academy or officially become a Scholar and the rare chance of being the Grand Star Dreamer of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2.


Also revealed last night were the scholars' General Point Average and leading them is Liezel Garcia.

Here's the rankings of the scholars based on their previous performances.

1. Liezel 8.86
2. Bugoy 8.10
3. Laarni 7.20
4. Apple 7.02
5. Van 7.00
6. Iñaki 6.77
7. Miguel 6.76
8. Sen 6.73
9. Bunny 6.66
9. Christian 6.66
10. Cris 6.34

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