PDA Popularity Poll: Who's going up?

Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Van Pojas and Hansen Nichols (photo) maintain great popularity by leading Mykiru's Popularity Poll, but two other scholars are posing big threats in grabbing the top spots.

Bicol's Bugoy has climbed up, now in the 3rd place, tied with equally talented Liezel Garcia.

The Bicolano pride has a lot of supporters, but he should learn to make the best out of it, by focusing more on his lessons in the Academy and not by concentrating on his "matters of the heart" with Van and Sen.

Liezel, on one hand, has been consistently receiving high grades and if that continues, she's going to be a top contender for the Top 3 Grand Dreamers.

Cristina Pastor's popularity has slipped, dropping from 3rd place to 5th.

Would you believe, "breakdown" girl Laarni Losala is far more popular than four other scholars, who are still in the academy, including Miguel Mendoza?

For tomorrow's expulsion night, it is expected that voters will favor Miguel over his girlfriend Bea Muñoz.

Despite two consecutive good performances, Christian Alvear is still the least favored scholar of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 as far as Mykiru's poll is concerned.

Here's the partial results of Mykiru's Popularity Poll:

Van Louelle Pojas 16%
Hansen 'Sen' Nichols 12%
Jay 'Bugoy' Bogayon 11%
Maria Liezel Garcia 11%
Cristina 'Cris' Pastor 9%
Chivas Anton Malunda 7%
Jovanni 'Bunny' Malunda 6%
Apple Abarquez 6%
Laarni Losala 6%
Miguel Mendoza 5%
Ranjit 'Jet' Singh 3%
Jun Ross Dio 2%
Beatriz 'Bea' Muñoz 2%
Michelle 'Sheng' Belmonte 2%
Rafael Ignacio 'Iñaki' Ting 2%
Christian Alvear 2%

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4 Comment(s):

  1. I think Bugoy is gay and he looks like a fool to dream that his two Prince Charming will finally give in. His mood swings is just a ploy to get the attention of the two. And it looked like it is working dahil concerned naman ang dalawa.

    Hansen on the other hand looks like he is leading Bugoy on ... maybe to an emotional disaster. Kung ayaw mo sa gay dapat lumayo na sila. The more attention they give to Bugoy ... the more na kinikilig naman itong bading.

    Napakaaga naman nilang mag-showbiz!

  2. baklang yan sige if ever magwin eh saan siya after wala namng baklang baklang katulad nya nyang chaka sorry pero masakit sya sa mata i'm talking about bugoy pls magtigil na sya sa emote di bagay

  3. grabe ang sama nyo...cguro inggit kau..

    kung bakla man c bugoy then inggit kau..sya 2in1 , mga gwapo look alike ko ..bhwahha..

    well..dun parin ako kay boguy(he deserves to win..)