'Hancock' rules in the Philippines, gets P46M on its first weekend

Will Smith's Hancock registered a revenue of $66 million in the US last weekend, to become Smith's 2nd best opening weekend ever after his 2007 hit I Am Legend with $77 million.

In the Philippines, Hancock also makes a record and can be considered a box office success.

The movie $1,009,285 or 45.9 million pesos, one of the best opening weekend sales in the country this 2008.

Filipino movie Caregiver has been dropped from the Top 10 last weekend, but it now has a total gross estimated revenue of 139.5 million pesos.

However, comparing it to the earnings of last year's smash hit One More Chance, Caregiver's total is far behind and could still be overtaken by one or two Tagalog releases which are yet to be shown on the coming months.

July 2-6, 2008

1 Hancock P45.9 million
2 Wanted P17.1 million
3 The Incredible Hulk P3.3 million
4 Get Smart P1.9 million
5 Kung Fu Panda P1.6 million
6 The Happening P1.2 million
7 The Hottie & the Nottie P0.8 million
8 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian P0.4 million
9 Made of Honor P0.4 million
10 Urduja P0.3 million

(Tagalog Movies only)
An EXCLUSIVE Compilation

1. Caregiver PHP 139,536,302
2. My Bestfriend's Girlfriend PHP 101,257,479
3. When Love Begins... PHP 89,376,729
4. My Big Love PHP 69,703,502
5. SupahPapalicious (Father and Son) PHP 66,988,528
6. Manay po 2: Overload PHP 30,405,258
7. Ikaw pa rin, bongga ka boy! PHP 24,668,554
8. Ploning PHP 10,779,030
9. Urduja PHP 10,667,694 (as of July 06, 2008)
10. Ate (Older Sister) PHP 1,877,603
11. Half Blood Samurai (under PHP 1,000,000)

For 2007

1. One More Chance PHP 152,791,025
2. A Love Story PHP 138,232,310
3. Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo PHP 122,893,166
4. Enteng Kabisote 4: The Beginning of the Legend PHP 104,632,792
5. Ouija PHP 97,669,197

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