2008 New York Festivals (TV Broadcasting) Finalists - Full List

The United States of America (USA) dominates the 2008 New York Festivals for Television and Broadcasting Category with a total of two hundred two (202) finalists distributed to 55 TV broadcasters, which includes CNN, ESPN, HBO, Hallmark Channel, Discovery Networks and many more.

Canada comes 2nd with 57, followed by England with 33, then Germany with 24 finalists, two more than Spain, which has 22.

Asian countries figured predominantly in this year's New York Festivals. Singapore and Hong Kong both have 21 finalists, while India and Philippines each has 19.

Other Asian nations with a number of finalists this year includes Japan (13), China (7), Kore (5) and Malaysia (2).

Here's the complete list of finalists (by countries) for the 2008 New York Festivals (TV Broadcasting):


H .Story .Station/Network .ID
Experience It Ink Image Campaign Station/Image Promo
The .History .Channel .HD .ID .Station/Network .ID

AMC/Dan Appel Creative; Jericho NY USA
Making Of Mad Men Promotional Programs

Cartoon Network LA; McDonough GA USA
Mobile Gas Interactive Promo

CNN; Atlanta GA USA
A/C .360 .Anvil .Of .God .Coverage .of .On-Going .News .Story .(Longform)
A/C .360: .24 .Hours .In .Chicago .Social .Issues/Current .Events
A/C .360: .Afganistan .The .Unfinished .War .Newscast
A/C .360: .Ambush .At .The .River .Of .Secrets .Coverage .of .On-Going .News .Story .(Longform)
A/C .360: .The .Killing .Fields .National/International .Affairs
Broken .Government .Jack .Cafferty: .National/International .Affairs
CNN Presents: After Jesus-The Frist Christmas Religious Programs
CNN .Presents: .Gods .Warriors .Mini-Series
CNN .Presents: .Shoot .To .Kill .Investigative .Report .(Longform)
Depleted .Uranium .Radioactive .Dust .Inserts: .Investigative .Report
God’s .Warriors .News .Documentary/Special
Interview .with .The .Beatles .Talk/Interview
Investigation .Of .The .Death .Of .Pat .Tillman .Inserts: .Investigative .Report
Larry .King .Live .50yrs .Of .Pop .Culture .Variety .Special
M.I.S.T .Inserts: .Investigative .Report
Mississippi .Jail .Inserts: .Investigative .Report
Politics .From .The .Heartland .Investigative .Report .(Longform)
SIU: Dealthsquads National/International Affairs
SIU: .Grady’s .Anatomy .Health/Medical .Info
SIU: Growing Up Diana Biography/Profiles
SIU: James Brown. Say It Proud Biography/Profiles
SIU: Month Of Mayhem National/International Affairs
Youssif’s .Story .Inserts: .Human .Interest

Current TV; Los Angeles CA USA
Current Issue: Kona Fish Farm Environment & Ecology
Current Maverick: Bobby Moresco Biography/Profiles
Current Maverick: DA Pennebaker: Doc King Biography/Profiles
Newscurrent: .2006 .Year .in .Review .Video .Inserts: .Special .Report

Current TV, LLC; San Francisco CA USA
From .Russia .With .Hate .Investigative .Report .(Longform)
Night Convoy: Iraq Social Issues/Current Events
Rebels In The Pipeline News Reporter/Correspondent
Toxic .Villages .Investigative .Report .(Longform)
War .Wounds .Human .Relations

Digital Kitchen; Seattle WA USA
Dexter .Entertainment .Program .Opener .& .Titles
The .Company .Entertainment .Program .Opener .& .Titles

Discovery Networks; Miami FL USA
Destruction Direction: Promo Spot
Discover Green Copywriting: Promo Spot
Strands Campaign Editing: Promo Spot

Discovery Networks Latin America; Miami FL USA
Collision Over The Amazon Social Issues/Current Events
Malvinas: La Historia Que Pudo Ser History & Society
Maras: A Regional Threat Social Issues/Current Events

Drescher Films, Inc.; Arlington VA USA
Air .Group .16: .We .Came .To .Remember .History .& .Society

E! Entertainment Television; LA CA USA
E! .True .Hollywood .Story: .The .Osbournes .Biography/Profiles

Edgeworx; New York NY USA
Operation Homecoming Special Effects (Documentary/Info)

ESPN; Bristol CT USA
2007 .Indianapolis .500 .Tease .All .Roads .Lead .To .Indy .Sports .Program .Opener .& .Titles
2007 .NBA .Finals .Open .Sports .Program .Opener .& .Titles
Addict .To .Iron .Man .Inserts: .Human .Interest
Brickyard .400 .Tease .The .Brick .Sports .Program .Opener .& .Titles
Daytona .300 .Tease ..Sports .Program .Opener .& .Titles; .Editing: .Promo .Spot
ESPN .Sportcenter: .My .Wish .Sports .Special
ESPN .Sportscenter: .Sister .Andrea .Jaeger .Inserts: .Human .Interest

ESPN; Bristol CT USA (cont.)
ESPN .Sportscenter: .CIA .Climbers .Inserts: .Human .Interest
ESPN .Sportscenter: .The .Fugees .Inserts: .Human .Interest
Roger .Federer .Wimbledon .2007 .Inserts: .Sports .Coverage
Ruffian .Performance; .Special .Effects .(TV-Movie); .TV .Movie .Special
The .Bronx .is .Burning .Soundtrack; .Direction .(Mini-Series); .Mini-Series
The .Bronx .is .Burning-Daniel .Sunjata .Performance .(TV-Movie/Mini-Series)
The .Bronx .is .Burning-John .Turturro .Performance .(TV-Movie/Mini-Series)
The .Bronx .is .Burning-Oliver .Platt .Performance .(TV-Movie/Mini-Series)

ESPN; Cardiff CA USA
Down .the .Barrel .Sports .& .Recreation; .Camerawork .(Documentary/Info)

Home Run Derby Sports Program Promo

Global Mechanic; Boston USA
More Life Animation (Computer): Promo Spot

Hallmark Channel; Studio City CA USA
Avenging .Angel .Promo .Entertainment .Program .Promo

HBO; New York NY USA
Addiction Clip Promo Info/Magazine Program Promo
Addiction Shoot Promo Info/Magazine Program Promo
Addiction Campaign Info/Magazine Program Promo
Big Love Big Love, Big Secrets Promotional Programs
Big .Love .Shoot .Trailer .Direction; .Art .Direction: .Promo .Spot; .Ent. .Program .Promo
Boxing Image Boxing Equals Life - Klitschko Direction: Promo Spot
Boxing Image Boxing Equals Life - Mayweather Direction: Promo Spot; Sports Program Promo
Bury .My .Heart- .Production .in .Calgary .History .& .Society
Def .Poetry .Promo .Entertainment .Program .Promo
Entourage Billboard Shoot Promo Entertainment Program Promo; Direction: Promo Spot
Entourage DVD- Anatomy of an Episode Promotional Programs
HBO Snow Patrol Art Direction: Promo Spot
HBO .First .Look .- .Bury .My .Heart .At .Wounded .Knee .Promotional .Programs
HBO .Yearender .2006 .Art .Direction: .Promo .Spot
HOD: On the Red Carpet Entourage Premiere Promotional Programs
Inside The NFL 2008 Promo Sports Program Promo
La .Vie .En .Rose .– .Stepping .into .Character .Biography/Profiles
MAX Dead Movies Yearender Copywriting: Promo Spot
MAX Sounds Good Image Editing: Promo Spot; Station/Image Promo
MAX Sounds Good Image Combo Entertainment Program Promo
MAX Life Needs Movies Editing: Promo Spot
MAX .Star .Wars .- .Cold .Play .Trailer .& .Charles .Ross .Image .Jabba .Short .Entertainment .Program .Promo
Pan’s Labyrinth Featurette The Creatures Promotional Programs
Sopranos Farewell Image Editing: Promo Spot
The Sopranos Death Montage Entertainment Program Promo
The Sopranos Making Cleaver Promotional Programs
The Sopranos Paint It Black Editing: Promo Spot; Entertainment Program Promo
The Sopranos Campaign Entertainment Program Promo

HBO Latin America Group; Sunrise FL USA
Cinemax Branding Campaign: Man/Woman Direction: Promo Spot

here! Networks; New York NY USA
here! Focus: Fire Flag EMS Inserts: Human Interest

Idaho Public Television; Boise ID USA
D4K Educational/ Instructional Elementary
Dialogue: Barbara Morgan Talk/Interview
Idaho .Getaways .Travel .& .Tourism
Idaho Homefront History & Society

Jolee TV Corp.; Fairfield NY USA
When Parents Are Deployed Social Issues/Current Events

Nowhere .But .Texas- .Linda .Stogner .Editing .(Documentary/Info)

KQED; San Francisco CA USA
China .From .The .Inside: .Women .Of .Country/Freedom .And .Justice .National/International .Affairs

KUED-TV; Salt Lake City UT USA
Maynard .Dixon: .To .the .Desert .Again .Biography/Profiles

Lion Television; New York NY USA
History .Detectives-Season .5 .History .& .Society

LMNO Productions; Encino CA USA
Anatomy of a Giant: Sun Ming Ming Science & Technology
National Body Challenge Health/Medical Info

Mike Young Productions/Taffy Entertainment; Woodland Hills CA USA
Growing .Up .Creepie .Creepie .Meets .Tarantula .Boy .Youth .Programs .(Ages .7-12)

MSNBC Creative Services/ Advertising and Promotions; Secaucus NJ USA
Anchorman .Countdown .News .Promo .(Generic)

NBC; Burbank CA USA
Bill The Promo Guy: Thursday Comedies Promotional Programs
Heroes Launch Entertainment Program Promo

NBC; New York NY USA
Where .In .The .World .Is .Matt .Lauer? .News .Promo .(Special .Series)

News 12 Connecticut; Norwalk CT USA
Bassick .Pride .Camerawork .(News); .Inserts: .Sports .Coverage
Everett After Editing
Relay For Life Inserts: Human Interest

News 12 Networks; Woodbury NY USA
Autism .Athletics .Inserts: .Sports .Coverage
Cadet .To .Combat .Inserts: .Human .Interest
Christmas On Long Island Variety Special
Competitive Chess Editing (News)
Decade .of .Determination .Inserts: .Human .Interest
Fighting Spirit Inserts: Human Interest
Getting .Down .to .Earth .News .Reporter/Correspondent
Heroin: .Addicted .on .Long .Island .Inserts: .Special .Report
Honored At Last Inserts: Human Interest
IVF Milestone Inserts: Human Interest
Last .Letters .Home .- .A .Memorial .Day .2007 .Special .Inserts: .Special .Report
Martin .Tankleff: .A .Case .Reviewed .Inserts: .Special .Report
Memories in Melody Inserts: Human Interest
Nicaragua: .A .Journey .Of .Hope .Writing .(Documentary/Info)
Sports .Rush .Sports
The .Race .for .Open .Space .Inserts: .Special .Report

News 12 Westchester; Yonkers NY USA
Abducted .By .Daddy .Inserts: .Special .Report
Forgotten .Heroes .Inserts: .Special .Report
Marathon Fireman Inserts: Human Interest
Suburban .Street .Gangs .Editing .(News); .Inserts: .Special .Report
Suburban .Street .Gangs: .Town .Meeting .News .Documentary/Special
The Rising Inserts: Human Interest
The .Wounds .of .War .Inserts: .Human .Interest

Oxygen Media; New York NY USA
Janice Claymation Animation (Non-Computer): Promo
Mo’Nique Behind Bars Human Relations

S4 Studios, LLC.; Hollywood CA USA
Live .Earth .Animated .Entertainment .Program .Promo

Showtime Networks; New York NY USA
Brotherhood - Acclaim Spot Editing; Direction; Art Direction: Promo Spot; Entertainment .Program .Promo
Dexter .- .Mad .World .Editing; .Copywriting; .Art .Direction: .Promo .Spot
Image -- Holy Shit Editing: Promo Spot; Station/Image Promo
Image .-- .September .To .Remember .Original .Music; .Art .Direction: .Promo .Spot; .Image .Promo
Sleeper .Cell: .American .Terror .- .Time .Bomb .Editing; .Special .Effects; .Art .Direction; .Audiomix: .Promo .Spot
The .Tudors .-- .Image .Editing; .Audiomix: .Promo .Spot; .Entertainment .Program .Promo
The .Tudors .-- .Look .Ahead .Entertainment .Program .Promo
The .Tudors .-- .Season .2 .Trailer .Entertainment .Program .Promo
The .Tudors .-- .Seven .Deadly .Sins .Art .Direction: .Promo .Spot
The .Tudors .-- .Story .Copywriting: .Promo .Spot
The .Tudors .-- .Trailer .#1 .Copywriting: .Promo .Spot
The .Tudors .-- .Trailer .#2, .Epic .Drama .Editing: .Promo .Spot; .Entertainment .Program .Promo

Smithsonian Networks; Washington DC USA
Day of the Kamikaze Docudrama
Remembering .Vietnam: .The .Wall .at .25 .Social .Issues/Current .Events
Sound Revolution: The Electric Guitar The Arts
Stories .From .the .Vaults .Magazine .Format

Starz Entertainment; Englewood CO USA
Buy .the .Ticket, .Take .the .Ride: .Hunter .S. .Thompson .on .Film .Biography/Profiles
True .Bond .History .& .Society
100 .Years .of .John .Wayne .Promotional .Programs
Killing .Curtis .Soundtrack/Audiomix

Storm Studios; Los Angeles CA USA
Dirt Secrets Editing: Promo Spot

The CW Television Network; Burbank CA USA
Supernatural - Infected Editing: Promo Spot

The Style Network; Los Angeles CA USA
Dress My Nest, Episode #102 Reality TV

The Weather Channel; Atlanta GA USA
Grand .Forks .Flood .Anniversary .Inserts: .Human .Interest
Grande Lagoon Hurricane Inserts: Human Interest
The Climate Code: Earth Day Special Environment & Ecology

Thirteen/WNET New York; New York NY USA
Chimpanzees: .An .Unnatural .History .Nature .& .Wildlife
Christmas .in .Yellowstone .Nature .& .Wildlife
Cyberchase: .My .Big .Idea .Marathon .Youth .Programs .(Ages .7-12)
Dogs .that .Changed .the .World: .The .Rise .of .the .Dog .Nature .& .Wildlife
Penguins of the Antarctic Nature & Wildlife
Raptor Force Nature & Wildlife
Secrets of the Dead: Battle for the Bible History & Society
Secrets of the Dead: Herculaneum Uncovered History & Society
Supersize Crocs Nature & Wildlife
The .People’s .Palace: .A .Portrait .of .the .New .York .Public .Library .Community .Portraits
The .Supreme .Court .Editing; .Lighting; .Writing; .Camerawork .(Documentary/Info)
The .Supreme .Court: .A .Nation .of .Liberties .History .& .Society
The .Supreme .Court: .A .New .Kind .of .Justice .History .& .Society
The .Supreme .Court: .One .Nation .Under .Law .History .& .Society
The .Supreme .Court: .The .Rehnquist .Revolution .History .& .Society

Thirteen/WNET New York; New York NY USA (cont.)
Warplane .Science .& .Technology
What’s .Up .in .Finance? .Teen .Special .(Ages .13-17)

Thirteen/WNET-Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly; Washington DC USA
Homeless Hospice Religious Programs
Street Children of Brazil Religious Programs

TNT Latin America; Atlanta GA USA
Latin Directors Talk/Interview Special
Project 48 - Venezuela Reality TV

Towers Productions, Inc.; Chicago IL USA
The Great Mississippi Flood National/International Affairs

Traveling Light Media; Santa Monica CA USA
The .Long .March .Writing .(Documentary/Info)

Turner Studios; Atlanta GA USA
NBA .on .TNT: .All-Star .Selection .Editing: .Promo .Spot
NBA .on .TNT: .Jeremy .Piven .Sports .Program .Opener .& .Titles
TTCM: Bienvenue a Cannes Editing: Promo Spot
TNT: .The .Charm .(Parts .1 .and .2) .Editing .(Drama)

United Nations; New York NY USA
21st .Century .Social .Issues/Current .Events

Warner Hanson Television; Annandale VA USA
Chefs .A’ .Field: .Kids .On .The .Farm .Family .Programs

WGBH Educational Foundation; Boston MA USA
FETCH! .with .Ruff .Ruffman .Youth .Programs .(Ages .7-12)
From .the .Top: .Live .from .Carnegie .Hall .Young .Adult .Program
Gourmet’s .Diary .of .a .Foodie: .China .Editing .(Documentary/Info)
The .Hidden .Epidemic: .Heart .Disease .in .America .Health/Medical .Info

WLIW21 New York Public Television; Plainview NY USA
Healthy .Minds: .Post-traumatic .Stress .Disorder, .or .PTSD .Health/Medical .Info


90th Parallel Film & Television Productions Ltd; Toronto, Ontario Canada
Faith Without Fear Human Relations
The Hunters of the Northern Ice Environment & Ecology

Alliance Atlantis; Toronto Canada
Guinness Spots Animation (Computer): Promo Spot
HGTV .ID’s .Station/Network .ID
Week .of .Remembrance .Animation .(Computer): .Promo .Spot

Astral Media; Toronto Canada
MEscape .- .John .Travolta .Spotlight .Station/Image .Promo
MPix - Pacino Spotlight Station/Image Promo
MPix - Rocky Marathon Station/Image Promo
The Movie Network - The Sopranos Hero Station/Image Promo
The .Movie .Network .- .Winter .Image .Station/Image .Promo

Barna-Alper Productions, Inc.; Toronto Canada
High River Blues History & Society

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Toronto Canada
9/11 .Toxic .Legacy .Social .Issues/Current .Events
A .New .Normal .(CBC .News .at .Six/The .National) .News .Documentary/Special
A .Village .of .Widows: .After .the .Genocide .Human .Relations
CBC .News .at .Six: .Amistad .Voyage .Inserts: .Human .Interest
CBC .News .at .Six: .St. .Mike’s .Grads .Inserts: .Human .Interest
CBC .News: .Marketplace .- .Dirty .Doctors .Health/Medical .Info
CBC .News: .Marketplace .- .Getting .Juiced .Investigative .Report .(Longform)
CBC News: Shadows of September News Documentary/Special
CBC News: Sunday - The Joggler Sports & Recreation
CBC News: The National - April 4, 2007 Newscast
Geologic .Journey .Science .& .Technology
Gospel .Christmas .Celebration .Performing .Arts .Special
High Heel Confidential Cultural Issues
Hockey: .A .People’s .History .- .Reclaiming .the .Game .Sports .& .Recreation
Mississippi Cold Case News Documentary/Special
the fifth estate: The Denial Machine News Magazine Program
The Nature of Things: The Longevity Revolution Health/Medical Info
The .Secret .History .of .9/11 .History .& .Society
The .Town .on .Top .of .the .World .Community .Portraits
Venture News Magazine Program

City-TV,Toronto; Toronto ON Canada
Operation .Herbie: .A .World .Of .Difference .Inserts: .Human .Interest

Corus Entertainment; Toronto Canada
Crab Cakes Station/Image Promo
What a Booty Promo Entertainment Program Promo

CTV; Scarborough Canada
On .The .Lot .- .Call .To .Action .Entertainment .Program .Promo

Exploration Productions Inc; Scarborough Canada
Daily .Planet/Gunther .Thin .Slices .Health/Medical .Info
India Unleashed Magazine Format
Las .Vegas: .City .Without .Limits .Environment .& .Ecology
Megaworld: .Germany .Science .& .Technology
Retaking .New .York .Science .& .Technology

Global Television; Burnaby Canada
Global National - News Understood News Promo (Generic)

Global Television; Toronto Canada
Entertainment .Tonight .Canada .Entertainment .Program .Promo

Groundstar Entertainment Corporation; Calgary, Alberta Canada
Something Beneath Direction (TV-Movie/Mini-Series)

MTV Canada; Toronto Canada
MTV .e2 .Opening .Entertainment .Program .Opener .& .Titles

Out To See Entertainment; Vancouver Canada
The .21st .Annual .Gemini .Awards .Variety .Special

Pyramid Productions Inc.; Calgary Canada
The Film Festival Project The Arts
Thin Ice: Saattuq Environment & Ecology

Radio-Canada; Montreal Canada
Découverte .Science .& .Technology
Rape in Haïti Social Issues/Current Events

Rogers Sporstnet; Agincourt, Ontario Canada
NBA .On .Sportsnet .Sports .Program .Promo

SFA Productions; Toronto, Ontario Canada
Comedy Inc. IV Variety

Sportsnet; Scarborough, Ontario Canada
NBA Alley Animation (Computer): Promo Spot
The .Season: .‘07 .Jays .at .the .Break .Sports .Special

The Weather Network; Oakville Canada
Blind Sailing Inserts: Human Interest

TSN; Scarborough, Ontario Canada
NFL on CTV Sports Program Promo

Vision TV; Toronto Canada
The .Lost .Tomb .Of .Jesus .History .& .Society

WestWind Pictures Ltd.; Regina Canada
Little Mosque on the Prairie Situation Comedy


Al Jazeera English; London England
Info .Editorials: .Nuke/Carbon/Mortality .News .Promo .(Generic)

Animal Planet International; Chiswick England
Crime .Scene .Wild .Nature .& .Wildlife
Daniel & Our Cats Nature & Wildlife

BBC; Nottingham England
Inside .Out: .Tagging .Special .Investigative .Report .(Longform)

BBC World; London England
India’s .Silk .Slaves .Investigative .Report .(Longform)

BDA (Bruce Dunlop & Associates); London England
Spice Extreme Station/Network ID

Bloomberg; London England
Emerging Markets Promo News Promo (Generic)

Coastal Productions; Newcastle Upon Tyne England
The Wire In The Blood Series 5 Drama

Discovery Communications Europe; London England
Zero Hour 3 Direction (Documentary/Info)

ITN; London England
Channel .4 .News .Inserts: .Coverage .of .On-Going .Story
North .Korea .- .One .Family’s .Flight .Inserts: .Special .Report

ITV Production; London England
Baby Ballroom - The Championship Variety Special
Dracula .TV .Movie/Drama .Special; .Costume .Design .(TV-Movie)
I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! Reality TV
Longford .TV .Movie/Drama .Special; .Performance .(TV-Movie/Mini-Series)
Mobile Mini-Series
Prime Suspect Direction (Drama)
Prime .Suspect: .The .Final .Act .Performance; .Writing .(TV-Movie/Mini-Series)
The .History .Of .Mr .Polly .TV .Movie/Drama .Special

Jellyfish Pictures; London England
Fight For Life Special Effects (Documentary/Info)

Mallinson Sadler Productions; Bristol England
Deep .Wreck .Mysteries .History .& .Society

Meridian Television; Whiteley, Hampshire England
Focus: From Brighton to Guantanamo News Documentary/Special

North Pacific Ltd; London England
Barefoot Contessa Variety
Nigella Feasts Variety

Pioneer Productions; London England
Animals .In .The .Womb .Science .& .Technology
In .the .Womb .Multiples .Science .& .Technology

Power; London England
Flood Mini-Series

Sky News; Isleworth England
Alex Crawford News Reporter/Correspondent
Brothers In Baghdad News Documentary/Special
Emma Hurd News Reporter/Correspondent
UK Floods Coverage of Breaking News (Longform)

Twofour Communications; Plymouth England
Watch .Us .Grow .Educational/Instructional .TV

Walsh Bros Ltd.; London England
Don’t .Make .Me .Angry .Young .Adult .Special


Creation Club (CC) GmbH; Munich Germany
Die Bedrohung ist Real Animation (Computer): Promo Spot

Deutsche Welle (DW-TV); Berlin Germany
Bundesliga .Kick .off! .- .German .Cup .Special .Sports
PopXport .– .The .German .Music .Magazine .Art .Direction .(Variety/Music)
The .Truth .About .Germany .Variety
World .Wide .Video .Magazine .Format

Group.IE GmbH; Frankfurt Germany
Schweizer .Fernsehen .WM-Trailer .(Switzer .TV .Channel .WM .Trailer) .Sports .Program .Promo

Hessischer Rundfunk; Frankfurt am Main Germany
The .Day .Theo .Van .Gogh .Was .Murdered - A Film By Esther Schapira And Kamil Taylan, Social .Issues/Current .Events

OPIUM effect GmbH; Munich Germany
Pro 7 Premiere Special Effects: Promo Spot
RTL .II .Cooking .Professionals .Entertainment .Program .Opener .& .Titles
RTL .II .Random .Art .Direction: .Promo .Spot

Rothkirch Cartoon-Film; Berlin Germany
Little .Dodo .- .The .Big .Jungle .Concert, .Ep. .26 .Children’s .Special .(Ages .2-6)

SPIEGEL TV GmbH; Hamburg Germany
Ground Zero House News Magazine Program

Studio Hamburg Produktion GmbH/ NDR Naturfilm; Hamburg Germany
Megafalls of the Iguacu Nature & Wildlife

WDR - Westdeutscher Rundfunk Koln; Köln Germany
Intelligent .Birds .- .The .Toolmakers/The .Brainworkers .Nature .& .Wildlife
Sisters of No Mercy National/International Affairs
The Octopus of Stromboli Science & Technology
The .Wall .- .Berlin .`61 .TV .Movie/Drama .Special
Twinkling Stars Drama

ZDF; Mainz Germany
Ijon .Tichy’s .Star .Diaries .Comedy/Satire
Kriminaldauerdienst .- .Walking .the .Tightrope .Drama
On the Safe Side? Drama
On-Air-Campaign .Giganten .Info/Magazine .Program .Promo
Taxi to the Dark Side Human Relations
The .Wehrmacht .History .& .Society

SPAIN (22)

Alvaro Mendoza Productions; Madrid Spain
Tricksters .Nature .& .Wildlife

Antena 3 Television; San Sebastian de los Reye Spain
News News Promo (Generic)

Cuatro; Tres Cantos Spain
Cuatro Looks Good Station/Image Promo
Cuatro: .In .Your .Life .Station/Image .Promo
How .Many .Seasons .Do .We .Have .Left? .Animation .(Computer): .Promo .Spot

Digital+; Tres Cantos Spain
Leibovitz Station/Image Promo

NBC Universal Global Networks España, S.L.; Madrid Spain
Action .Heroes .Campaign: .Willis, .Van .Damme, .Stallone .Interactive .Promo
Action .Heroes: .Bruce .Willis .Art .Direction: .Promo .Spot
Family Inferno campaign Copywriting: Promo Spot
SciFi .Anniversary .Station/Image .Promo

SET Channel Iberia S.L.; Madrid Spain
AXN Move On Station/Image Promo
C.S.I. .New .York .III .AXN .Art .Direction .; .Animation .(Computer): .Promo .Spot
The Lord of the Rings Gollum Original Music: Promo Spot

Sogecable; Madrid Spain
Golden League 2007 Sports Program Promo

Televisió de Catalunya; Sant Joan Despí, Cataluny Spain
Guernica, .Portrait .of .War .The .Arts

TVE; Madrid Spain
African .Women, .The .Heart .Of .Life .Investigative .Report .(Longform)
At .The .Earth .Confines .Sports .& .Recreation
Barcelona, .The .Vertebrated .City .Travel .& .Tourism
Leonart: .The .Fire .Educational/Instructional .Elementary
Remember When Drama
The .Memory .Of .The .Wind .Travel .& .Tourism
Tve´s .50th .Anniversary .Station/Image .Promo


Caldecott Productions International Pte Ltd; Singapore Singapore
The Mud Environment & Ecology

CNBC Asia Pacific; Singapore
Martin Soong News Anchor

Discovery Asia, Inc.; Singapore Singapore
Animal Planet - 3D Fillers - Ants Station/Network ID
Discovery .Channel .- .Gateway .Asia .Entertainment .Program .Promo
Discovery .Channel .- .Pin .Art .Filler .Animation .(Computer): .Promo .Spot
Discovery .Real .Time .- .Mechanical .Image .Spot .Animation .(Computer): .Promo .Spot
PinArt .Idents .Station/Network .ID
Real .Time .- .Mechanical .Image .Spot .Station/Network .ID

MediaCorp News; Singapore Singapore
Capital Fashion - China Magazine Format
Saving Gaia : When The Cities Go Under News Documentary/Special

MediaCorp TV Singapore; Singapore Singapore
Deal Or No Deal Entertainment Program Promo

MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd; Singapore Singapore
Broken English TV Movie/Drama Special
Girls Out Loud Variety
House .of .Flying .Daggers: .Teaser/Launch .Entertainment .Program .Promo
Trade .Show .- .Movies .Infomercial: .Entertainment

MediaCorp TV12 Singapore Pte Ltd; Singapore Singapore
Expedition! .Thailand .Youth .Programs .(Ages .7-12)
No .Problem! .(Ep .9) .Children’s .Programs .(Ages .2-6)

Pics Talk; Singapore Singapore
My Heavenly Fathers Comedy/Satire

Threesixzero Productions Pte Ltd; Singapore Singapore
Little Big Dreams Direction
Youth .Decode .Young .Adult .Program

VHQ TV; Singapore Singapore
Japanese Cowboy Biography/Profiles


i-CABLE Sports Limited; New Territories Hong Kong
Doha .Asian .Games .2006 .Sports .Program .Opener .& .Titles
Olympic Warrior Special Effects: Promo Spot

Phoenix Satellite Television Co. Ltd.; Kowloon Hong Kong
Destiny .of .Taiwan .Secret .Agents .Social .Issues/Current .Events

Radio Television Hong Kong; Kowloon Hong Kong
Mrs. .Tian .Became .A .Director, .A .Real .Life .Story .Drama
A .Hundred .Years .Of .Overseas .Studies .History .& .Society
Arts .Unlimited .- .Cartoonists’ .Vision .of .Hong .Kong .Community .Portraits
I’ll .Get .the .Job .Done .Too!, .The .Undefeated .Community .Portraits
On .Hong .Kong .- .Chip .Tsao .News .Analysis/Commentary
On .Hong .Kong .- .Lung .Ying .Tai .Camerawork .(Documentary/Info)
On .Hong .Kong .- .Tony .Tsoi .Public .Affairs .Program
Parents’ Mottoes Family Programs
Pre-school .- .Learn .to .Fly .2007 .Children’s .Special .(Ages .2-6)
Shawn’s .Feather, .A .Real .Life .Story .Drama
Strings .Beneath .My .Wings .- .Mengla .HUANG, Chinese Performers Series, Young ..Biography/Profiles; .Young .Adult .Special
The .Headscarf .Weighing .Tons .News .Documentary/Special
The .Joy .of .Music-CHEN .Sa,Young .Chinese .Performers .Series .Biography/Profiles

Television Broadcasts Limited; Hong Kong Hong Kong
Market .Trotter .Travel .& .Tourism
Miss .Hong .Kong .Pageant .2007 .Art .Direction .(Variety/Music)
Sunday .Report: .Sweatshops .in .China .Social .Issues/Current .Events
The .Pearl .Report: .Hong .Kong’s .Handover .- ..News .Documentary/Special
.Ten .Years .On: .Snapshots/Greener .Pastures?

INDIA (19)

Anil Kant Ministries International; Mumbai India
Zindagi Forever Religious Programs

CNN-IBN (Global Broadcast News Ltd.); Noida India
Irom .Sharmila .News .Documentary/Special

NDTV; New Delhi India
Republic .of .Hunger: .Hunger .Under .Your .Highrise .Inserts: .Human .Interest
Reality Bites: Kashmir Inheritence of Loss News Documentary/Special

SET India Pvt. Ltd.; Mumbai India
Come Play Sports Program Promo
Cricket Is Back Camerawork: Promo Spot; Sports Program Promo
Fame X - Let’s Fly Camerawork: Promo Spot

Sony Entertainment Television India Pvt. Ltd.; Mumbai India
Bigg Boss – Old man Soundtrack/Audiomix: Promo Spot
Durgesh .Nandini .- .Music .Video .Music .Video: .Other
Femina Miss India Camerawork: Promo Spot
Jhalak .Dikhhla .Jaa .Entertainment .Program .Opener .& .Titles
Jhalak .Dikhhla .Jaa .2 .Music .Video .Art .Direction: .Promo .Spot
Jhalak .Dikhhla .Jaa .Season .- .2 .Music .Video .Music .Video: .Other
Man .Mein .hai .Vishwaas .Mother .Promo .Soundtrack/Audiomix: .Promo .Spot
Virrudh .– .Montage .Art .Direction; .Original .Music: .Promo .Spot
Virrudh – Mother Promo Camerawork: Promo Spot

Times Global Broadcasting Co Ltd; Mumbai India
Frankly .Speaking .With .Arnab .: .Hamid .Karzai .Talk/Interview

Times Global Broadcasting Co Ltd; Mumbai India
Remembering July 11 News Documentary/Special

Zee Entetainment Enterprises Limited; Worli, Mumbai India
Shabhaash Reality TV


ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation; Quezon City Philippines
9/11: .The .Philippine .Connection .News .Documentary/Special
Halalan Lights News Promo (Special Series)
Remembering (Jail episode) Drama
XXX: Exclusive, Explosive, Expose Public Affairs Program

GMA Network Inc. (QTV-11); Quezon City Philippines
At .Your .Service, .Star .Power .Community .Service .Programs
Sana’y .Muling .Makapiling .(Longing .for .a .Reunion) .Social .Issues/Current .Events
Sapulso ( The Pulse) Magazine Format

GMA Network, Inc.; Quezon City Philippines
Art .Angel: .Sculpture .Special .Educational/ .Instructional .Elementary
Emergency: .Mga .Batang .Nagsusunog .(Kids .Burning .Copper) .Social .Issues/Current .Events
I-Witness: .Alaga .(Parasites) .Social .Issues/Current .Events
I-Witness: .Huling .Hala .Bira! .(The .Last .Hurrah!) .Community .Portraits
I-Witness: .Iskul .Ko, .No. .1! .(My .School .is .Number .1!) .Social .Issues/Current .Events
I-Witness: .Sa .Mata .ni .Ekang .(Through .the .Eyes .of .Ekang) .Social .Issues/Current .Events
Kapuso .Mo, .Jessica .Soho: .Scallops/Boxing .Social .Issues/Current .Events
Pledge News Promo (Generic)
Reporter’s .Notebook: .Batang .Kalakal .(Child .Scavengers) .Inserts: .Human .Interest
Reporter’s .Notebook: .Engkuwentro .(Crossfire) .Inserts: .Coverage .of .On-Going .Story
Tok! .Tok! .Tok! .Isang .Milyon .Pasok! .(Knock-Knock-Knock, Let One Million Pesos In!), Variety

World Impact Communications, Inc.; Pasig City Philippines
Power To Unite MTV Promotional Programs


ABC TV Australia; Ultimo Australia
Crude, Environment & Ecology

Australian Broadcasting Corporation; Sydney, NSW Australia
Afghanistan .- .A .Tale .of .Two .Women, .National/International .Affairs
Berlin Burlesque, Editing (Documentary/Info)
Carterets - The Sinking Islands, Environment & Ecology
Choir of Hard Knocks, Social Issues/Current Events
Dynasties - The Ansett, Family History & Society
Greenland Goes Green, Camerawork; Editing (Documentary/Info)
India’s .Widows, .Cultural .Issues; .Camerawork .(Documentary/Info)
Man .Of .The .Century, .Sports .& .Recreation
Punkasila, Editing (News)

FOX8/Foxtel; Sydney Australia
Time .Is .Now .- .Moloko, .Station/Image .Promo

Kaufmann Productions; Paddington/Sydney, NSW Australia
CUTTLEFISH - The Brainy Bunch, Nature & Wildlife

Nine Network Australia; Sydney Australia
The .Stilnox .Dilemma, .Investigative .Report .(Longform)

Oxford Scientific Films; North Sydney NSW Australia
Meerkat Manor Series 3, Nature & Wildlife

Silo:06; Sydney Australia
‘Looking .For .A .Rabbit’ .- .Laura .Imbruglia .Music .Video: .Most .Innovative

Southern Star Entertainment; North Sydney Australia
Supercells Health/Medical Info

Southern Star International; North Sydney NSW Australia
Love My Way Series 3 Drama

ITALY (13)

Fox International Channels Italy; Roma Italy
City Station/Network ID
DNA Copywriting: Promo Spot
ID Adventure Station/Network ID
Lockdown Editing: Promo Spot
Muhammed .Ali: .The .Greatest .Art .Direction; .Soundtrack/Audiomix: .Promo .Spot; Entertainment .Program .Promo
Six Feet Under and The Sopranos Entertainment Program Promo
Spot .Tribute .Station/Image .Promo
World’s .Most .Dangerous .Drug .Info/Magazine .Program .Promo

NBC Universal Global Networks Italy srl; Roma Italy
Gorillas In The Mist Focus Science & Technology
Inside .A .Journey .Through .American .Cinema: .Sydney .Pollack .Talk/Interview
Lawrence Of Arabia Focus Biography/Profiles

SKY Italia; Cologno Monzese Italy
Rugby .Worldcup .Campaign .Sports .Program .Promo
Sky Meteo 24 Special Effects: Promo Spot

JAPAN (13)

Bunkakobo, Inc./Fuji Telecast and Production Co., Inc.; Minato-ku NY Japan
Story .Of .The .Bridal .Hanging .Curtain .Human .Relations

EDP Graphic works Co.,Ltd.; Tokyo Japan
MLB .Sports .Program .Opener .& .Titles

Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co.,Ltd; Sapporo Japan
The .Wind’s .Song .TV .Movie/Drama .Special

Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.; Osaka Japan
Hiroshima .- .Voice .Without .a .Voice .Social .Issues/Current .Events
Tofukuji .Sound .Stage .Performing .Arts

NHK: Japan Broadcasting Corporation; Tokyo Japan
But .It’s .So .Hard .to .Lose .Weight! .Health/Medical .Info
Equator - Challenge of Change Environment & Ecology
Professionals: .Keep .Blue .Sky .In .Your .Heart .Talk/Interview
The Road to Nanking History & Society
The .Vulture .Mini-Series
Utamaro: .A .Portrait .in .Purple .The .Arts

Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation; Osaka Japan
Cherry .Tree, .My .LIfe .... .Nature .& .Wildlife
The Kobe A Case Social Issues/Current Events


América TV; Buenos Aires Argentina
1-11-14 .The .Argentine .Favela, Investigative Report (Longform)

Flehner Films; Buenos Aires Argentina
Hoy .Me .Desperte, Health/Medical .Info

Ideas del Sur S. A.; Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Argentina
Ugly .Duckling, Family .Programs/Youth .Programs .(Ages .7-12)

Imagen Satelital S.A./In Jaus; Buenos Aires Argentina
ISat Reface 2007, Station/Network ID

Productora Araucaria S.A.; Buenos Aires Argentina
Argentinos Por Su Nombre, Magazine Format

The Walt Disney Company Latin America; Vicente Lopez Argentina
Jetix ID Campaign, Station/Network ID
Ratatouille, .Una .Receta .De .Película, .Youth .Special .(Ages .7-12)
Vou .Ser .Do .Jeito .Que .Eu .Sou .- .Lissah .Martins, .Music .Video: .Low .Budget


Beijing Key Frame Cultural Development Co Inc; Beijing China
Moving .Mountains-Life .Reborn .Editing .(Documentary/Info)

China Television Media Limited; Beijing China
Vogue .- .a .fashion .program .Info/Magazine .Opener .& .Titles

Hong Kong Cable TV News; Hong Kong China
History .Witness .Inserts: .Human .Interest
Image Project News Documentary/Special
Repentance .- .Distortion .Inserts: .Human .Interest

i-CABLE Entertainment Limited; Hong Kong China
Unbelievable - The Dark Side Stories Entertainment Program Promo

Radio Television Hong Kong; Hong Kong China
Bluesky .Vision .-- .Endless .Words .Educational/Instructional .TV


ORF; Vienna Austria
Big Alma Biography/Profiles
Nature .Tech .Science .& .Technology
Opera Ball 2007 - A Ball A Life Family Special

ORF; Vienna Austria (cont.)
Opera Ball 2007 - The Countdown Has Started Family Special
The .Tiger .and .the .Monk .Nature .& .Wildlife

Red Bull Network; Vienna Austria
Bulletin.tv .Sports


CJ Media, INC.; Seoul Korea
Difference tvN Station/Network ID
O’live Live ID Station/Network ID

Korean Broadcasting System; Seoul Korea
Happy .Together: .Friends/Dramatic .Reunion .After .50 .Years .Talk/Interview
Vitamin/A .Great .Meal .Table .Variety

MBC; Seoul Korea
Stone Poet And Mother Human Relations


Canal Once Del Ipn; DF Mexico
Diner Susilla Situation Comedy
Frame By Frame Educational/Instructional TV

Once TV; Mexico, City Mexico
Footballers All for one Family Programs

Televisa S.A. de C.V.; México City Mexico
Campaña Un Escenario De Emociones Station/Network ID
Telesita .Comedy/Satire


RTÉ; Dublin Ireland
My .Parents’ .Wedding .Children’s .Special .(Ages .2-6)
Reaching .for .Glory .Sports
Soul of Ireland The Arts
Thomas .Lynch: .The .Undertaking .The .Arts

TVP SA; Warsaw Poland
Barefoot .Around .the .World .Travel .& .Tourism
Stefan Norblin Biography/Profiles
The Runaway History & Society
Zamojskie Rising History & Society


Channel One Russia; Moscow Russia
Better Be Born Lucky Human Relations
Turkish .Gambit .Mini-Series

Russia Today TV Channel; Moscow Russia
Technology .Update. .Episode .3 .Science .& .Technology
The .Face .of .Time. .History .& .Society


Astro Entertainment Sdn. Bhd; Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Astro Kirana Channel ID Station/Network ID
Int’l .Children’s .Day .of .Broadcasting .Promo .Animation .(Computer): .Promo .Spot


Canais Globosat; Rio De Janeiro Brazil
Live .The .Sport. .Live .Sportv. .Station/Image .Promo


DobleBand Films; Belfast Northern Ireland
Making The Monkees Biography/Profiles


Glasgow Film Poductions Limited; Glasgow Scotland
Amazon Heartbeat Human Relations


Folke Rydén Produktion; Stockholm Sweden
The Linnaeus Expedition Environment & Ecology

2008 Television Programming & Promotion Competition Categories

T01 Best Newscast
T02 Best News Documentary/Special
T03 Best News Analysis/Commentary
T04 Best Investigative Report (Longform)
T05 Best Coverage of Breaking News Story (Longform)
T06 Best Coverage of On-Going Story (Longform)
T07 Best Public Affairs Program
T08 Best News Magazine Program
T09 Best News Anchor
T10 Best News Reporter/Correspondent

T11 Coverage of Breaking News Story
T12 Coverage of On-Going Story
T13 Investigative Reporting
T14 Special Report
T15 Sports Coverage
T16 Editorial/Opinion
T17 Human Interest
T18 Video News Release

U01 The Arts
U02 Biography/Profiles
U03 Community Portraits
U04 Community Service Programs
U05 Cultural Issues
U06 Docudrama
U07 Educational/Instructional TV (Adults)
U08 Environment & Ecology
U09 Health/Medical Information
U10 History & Society
U11 Human Relations
U12 Magazine Format
U13 National/International Affairs
U14 Nature & Wildlife
U15 Politics
U16 Religious Programs
U17 Science & Technology
U18 Social Issues/Current Events
U19 Sports & Recreation
U20 Travel & Tourism

U25 Cosmetics/Beauty/Fashion
U26 Entertainment
U27 Health & Fitness
U28 Politics
U29 Technology & Telecommunications
U30 Other

V01 Action/Adventure
V02 Drama
V03 Family Programs
V04 Performing Arts
V05 Situation Comedy
V06 Sports
V07 Talk/Interview
V08 Variety
V09 Reality TV

Specials, Mini-series, Limited Series

W01 Comedy/Satire
W02 Family Special
W03 Mini-Series
W04 Movies for TV/Drama Special
W05 Performing Arts
W06 Sports
W07 Talk/Interview
W08 Variety

Episodes of Regularly Scheduled Programs
V11 Children's Programs (Ages 2-6)
V12 Youth Programs (Ages 7-12)
V13 Teen Programs (Ages 13-17)
V14 Young Adult Programs
V15 Educational/Instructional (Add suffix to V15 code as follows:)
A.) Pre-school
B.) Elementary
C.) Secondary
D.) College

Specials, Mini-Series, Limited Series

W11 Children's Special (Ages 2-6)
W12 Youth Special (Ages 7-12)
W13 Teen Special (Ages 13-17)
W14 Young Adult Special

Z01 Country/Western
Z02 Jazz/New Age
Z03 Low Budget (below $20,000)
Z04 Rhythm & Blues/Rap/Club Music
Z05 Rock/Heavy Metal
Z06 Top 40/Pop-Rock
Z07 Most Innovative
Z08 World Music
Z09 Other

CRAFT CATEGORIES (For Programs Only)
Y01 Best Direction
Y02 Best Writing
Y03 Best Performance (Be Sure To Include Actors' Name)
Y04 Best Narration
Y05 Best Art Direction
Y06 Best Camerawork
Y07 Best Editing
Y08 Best Original Music/Lyrics
Y09 Best Soundtrack/Audiomix
Y10 Best Lighting
Y11 Best Costume Design
Y12 Best Special Effects
* Be sure to include the appropriate suffix below in addition to the category code on the individual entry form:
A) in a drama Series/Special
B) in a comedy Series/Special
C) in a TV movie/Mini Series
D) in a Variety/Music Program
E) in a News Program
F) in a Documentary/Information Program

E01 News Promotion (Generic)
E02 News Promotion (Special Series)
E03 Entertainment Program Promotion
E04 Information/Magazine Program Promotion
E05 Sports Program Promotion
E06 Special Promotion which includes a contest
E07 Station/Image Promotion
E08 News Program Opener & Titles
E09 Entertainment Program Opener & Titles
E10 Information/Magazine Opener & Titles
E11 Sports Program Opener & Titles
E12 News/Programming I.D.
E13 Station/Network I.D.
E14 Promotional Programs (a program which promotes another one, e.g.,"behind the scenes," etc.)
E15 Interactive Promotion
E16 Promotion Of A Website

CRAFT CATEGORIES (For Promotion Spots/IDs Only)
YE01 Best Direction
YE02 Best Copywriting
YE03 Best Editing
YE04 Best Camerawork
YE05 Best Art Direction
YE06 Best Original Music/Lyrics
YE07 Best Soundtrack/Audiomix
YE08 Best Animation: Non-Computer
YE09 Best Animation: Computer
YE10 Best Special Effects

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