Never too late for Mommy Anabelle


Anabelle Rama, the ever controversial showbiz mother to Ruffa Gutierrez, seems so proud that her old nude pics of her young fresh self came out lately (resurfaced) for public consumption.

I just wonder why those pictures came out. The source of the photos, I guess, are either a die-hard fan of Anabelle Rama wayback before Martial Law when she was a starlet, or it might be Annabelle herself? It could be, because we keep our own photos right? especially of our old younger self.

Many speculate, if you browse showbiz forums and sites, that the unexpected photo scandal for Anabelle Rama are intentional, just in time for her showbiz comeback via the movie "Mama Dong" with her daughter Ruffa Gutierrez, produced by Regal Films. And as we all know, Regal Films, if you will base it on the promotions for their films in the past, benefits from such controversies. Remember Dina Bonnevie vs Lorna Tolentino for a role in Mano Po 2, Mark Herras vs Jennylyn Mercado for Tiyanaks, Dennis Trillo vs Richard Gutierrez for a role in Mano Po 5 and a lot more.

For your fun viewing, here's a spoof of Anabelle-Ruffa-Yilmaz controversy two months ago, just in case you haven't watched it in Studio 23's Wazzup Wazzup:

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