(Updated) Miss Tourism Queen International 2007: Official Results

MTQI 2007 Results
July 31, 2007
Zhengzhou, China

From L-R: 3rd Runner Up: Miss America (U.S. of) - Eve Maciel; 1st Runner Up: Miss Thailand - Vasana Wongbuntree; Miss Tourism Queen International 2007: Miss Russia - Olga Zarubina; 2nd Runner Up: Miss Fernando de Noronha - Tamara Almeida Silva; 4th Runner Up: Miss Trinidad and Tobago - Dominique Nicole La Veau. Photo courtesy of vietbao.vn

MISS TOURISM QUEEN INTERNATIONAL 2007: Miss Russia - Olga Zarubina

1st runner up: Miss Thailand - Vasana Wongbuntree

2nd runner up: Miss Fernando de Noronha - Tamara Almeida Silva

3rd runner up: Miss America (U.S. of) - Eve Maciel

4th runner up: Miss Trinidad and Tobago - Dominique Nicole La Veau

TOP 10
6th Place: Curaçao - Shadée Braun
7th Place: Democratic Republic of the Congo - Mwinga Diane Mizumi
8th Place: Armenia - Marine Avetyan
9th Place: Czech Republic - Martina Besikova
10th Place: Kyrgyzstan - Inessa Nazarova

Miss Tourism America: Miss Dominican Republic - Geisha Natalie Montes
Miss Tourism Asia: Miss Mongolia - Oyungerel Gankhuyag
Miss Tourism Europe: Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina - Minela Trnovac
Miss Tourism Oceania & Islands: Miss Australia - Amy Jane Sutton
Miss Tourism Africa: Miss Cameroon - Marthe Nathalie Houag

MAJOR AWARD: (an automatic slot in the finals)
MISS INTERNET POPULARITY - America (U.S. of) - Eve Maciel


MISS PHOTOGENIC - Brazil - Vanessa Regina de Jesus

MISS PERSONALITY - India - Mahima Chaudhary

PRESS PRINCESS - Indonesia, Glory Rosari Oyong

MISS CHARM - Cuba - Ariana Karina Diaz

MISS CHARITY - Tokelau - Landy Tyrell

MISS ELEGANCE - Spain - Laura Negreti

BEST IN QIPAO - Korea - Minkyo Mina Kim

BEST IN NATIONAL COSTUME - Honduras - Yasmina Roman Hernandez


MISS TALENT - Miss Curacao, Shadée Braun
2nd place - Miss Indonesia, Glory Rosari Oyong
3rd place - Miss Estonia, Merle Saar

MISS DISCO QUEEN OF THE WORLD - Dominique Nicole La Veau, Miss Trinidad & Tobago
2nd Place - Miss Kyrgyzstan, Inessa Nazarova
3RD Place - Miss Curaçao, Shadée Braun

MISS BIKNI - Miss Australia, Amy Jane Sutton
2nd place - Miss Fernando de Noronha, Tamara Almeida
3RD Place - Misss Albania, Edlira Mema, and Miss Curaçao, Shadée Braun (tie)

BEST IN EVENING DRESS - Miss Puerto Rico, Uma Blasini

BEST SMILE - Miss China - Ma Wei

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