'Telenovela' is now an English word


It's now official that the Spanish word "telenovela" has been included as one of the 100 new words in the latest update of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition to be released soon.

The word telenovela, combined term for "tele" and "novela," is very popular in Latin America and among Spanish-speaking countries. In the Asian region, I think Philippines is the only country to actively use the word, especially to refer to television series like Korean telenobela (with a b) or Mexican telenobela and even in the phrase "Queen of telenovela."

Also good news for the people of India because "Bollywood" is one of the new words.

Aside from telenovela and Bollywood, here are some of the 100 new words in the said 2007 dictionary:

1. ginormous (coined from the words "gigantic" and "enormous")
2. chaebol (of Korean origin)
3. crunk (a slang word, for hip-hop and rap usage)
4. agnorotti (of Italian origin, to refer to a dish of small pasta)
5. DVR (digital video recorder)
6. flex-cuff
7. viewshed (an area of land, water, and other environmental elements that is
visible from a fixed vantage point)
8. gray literature
9. hardscape
10. IED (improvised explosive device)
11. microgreen
12. nocebo (a medical term)
13. perfect storm
14. RPG (not the Role-Playing Game, but the Report Program Generator)
15. smackdown (a bitter contest, usually to refer to wrestling)
16. snowboardcross
17. speed dating
18. sudoku (a number puzzle)

Start using these new words now.

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