Mister Philippines 2007 Contestants: Half-Germans Carsten & Michael


Carsten Ertel is Filipino-German representing Germany in Mister Philippines 2007. As of the moment, he has already been adjuged as one of the 2 Best in Talent of the said pageant.

Carsten (far right) finished only as 1st Runner Up during the Philippine-Europe Supermodel 2007 contest held in Stadthalle, Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany. He lost to Michael Koegel (the guy in the middle on the photo above), who also happens to be one of the contestants for Mister Philippines 2007 happening tonight. Michael is the brother of Mutya ng Pilipinas 2005 1st Runner Up Katharina Koegel

Both Carsten and Michael are actually representing the Filipino community in Germany. Who will fare higher than the other? It's something to watch out for.

Michael Koegel (left) and Carsten Ertel (2nd guy) at the Philippine-Europe Supermodel 2007 pageant.

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7 Comment(s):

  1. Just to correct, it is not Carsten Ertel who is the brother of Mutya ng pilipinas 2005 1st runner up Katharina Koegel, Michael KOEGEL is the brother of Katharina. Those two Carsten and Michael will make it to the top!!!! wish them good look

  2. hahaha yeah thank you for that.. i didn't notice it.. id be correcting it now

  3. no problem....so to your question "who will fare higher than the other one?" now we know ...it is still Michael Koegel who ended up 1st runner up on todays Mr. Philippines! But Carsten Ertel is also one of the top(2st runner up!!!)

    As I said Michael Koegel is my number one!!! (luv u bb)

  4. really?? i thought michael will win one title..

    who are the other winners?

  5. Yes he deserved to win he's the best looking man on the planet ;) ... well but I heard Ian Porlayagan won the title...

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  7. Just to correct, Mutja ng Pilipinas' winner of the year 2005 is not Katharina Koegel, but Jamie Burgos, Carmenzinas Nicolosi and Aby Cruz. Just take a look at www.mutyapilipinas.com/past_winners_2000.htm before posting wrong comments.