PBB Lucky Season 7: 3rd Eviction, Vivoree's Transformation

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Lucky Season 7 featured tonight the makeover of its 10 remaining housemates, as well as the 3rd teen evictee of the season.

Vivoree's transformation, Yong comforts 😦Maymay (credits to ABS-CBN)

All housemates looked much better now with their brand new look, but it was housemate Vivoree Ecleto who had a huge transformation that stunned everyone, particularly the Fil-Italian housemate Marco Gallo.

This was Vivoree, on her 1st day in the house.

And here she is, after the makeover. No more "bigote"!

courtesy of @PBBabscbn

She underwent a procedure that actress Sofha Andres perhaps also did before to remove her facial hair.

Now having such a gorgeous new look, Kuya reminded Vivoree not to ever change her nice personality.

Meanwhile, on that same episode, the 3rd teen evictee of the season has been revealed, and sadly, it's Bohol's pride, Fenech Veloso, after finishing last in their LigTask challenge. Declared safe from eviction were Marco, Heaven Peralejo, Kisses Delavin and for the third time, Christian Morones.

So far, Fenech's eviction was the most emotional, when compared to the moment Aizan Perez and Rita Gaviola were evicted, respectively last August 27 and September 3. Most affected was Maymay Entrata, and here she is, being comforted by Yong Muhajil.

The reason for that is very simple. The housemates felt Fenech deserved to stay more than 2 or 3 of her co-nominees.

It was kinda unfair though that Fenech was the one who had to go, when only one housemate (Edward) nominated her for eviction.

But that's how the game turned out against her. I just hope though that PBB will hold the LigTask Challenge LIVE to disprove allegations that the show is controlling the outcome to make sure the "most-buzzed" housemates will stay longer inside the house. - Mykiru.ph

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