Kristine underestimates Yong, describes him as "slow" #PBBSephLex

Fans of PBB Lucky Season 7 housemate Yong Muhajil are outraged by how "Yakult Girl" Kristine Hammond described Yong while making her choice on who she would like to be partnered with for a special task by Big Brother.

As shown earlier on PBB Lucky Season 7: Mga Kuwento ng Teen Housemates, the 8 remaining housemates were divided into 4 pairs, and each pair had to make a video which will later be voted on by netizens. Their videos are now up in the official PBB page.

Many were surprised by how Kristine underestimated Yong's ability. According to the girl from Laguna, Yong is kinda slow when it comes to comprehending things. She chose to have Edward Barber as her partner for the task, while Yong ended up with Kisses Delavin, who even defended him against Kristine.

Now I understand why people are hating Kristine now, while Kisses is gaining much admiration. The girl from Masbate is so right.

I thought Kristine and Yong are close friends in the house, and the way she rejected and underestimated Yong could mean she isn't really a friend to him. If she is, she would embrace whoever Yong is and she's willing to help him out.

In the first place, Yong is not what Kristine thinks he is. To describe Yong as such is definitely harsh and offensive.

As of this posting, the video of Kisses and Yong is so far the most-liked and most-viewed among the 4 videos, followed by that of Maymay and Christian, then by the video of Marco and Vivoree. Least-liked and the least-viewed unfortunately is the video of Edward and Kristine. -

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