Marco Gallo and Vivoree Esclito admit mutual feelings for each other

It's no longer Heaven. It's not even Kisses. But it's Vivoree.

Marco Gallo has admitted his real feeling for Vivoree Esclito, as shown on Pinoy Big Brother PBB Lucky Season 7's episode earlier, September 11, 2016.

With nobody else around them at the dining area, the Fil-Italian housemate had the courage to tell Vivoree that he likes her.

"The first time we got close, you were like a sister to me. But the next day I saw you coming out of the room, it changed. It's a strange feeling. I get jealous everytime I see you being with others. Yeah, I like you. Gusto ko malaman mo na type kita. I want to know you better, even if we're already outside the house," Marco confessed to Vivoree.

The girl was hesitant at first to tell the boy if she also feels the same. "Well, I can't tell my feelings," Vivoree told Marco. "Di ko masasabi na if nasa labas na tayo, our feelings will still be there. Feelings change."

But she later admitted that she also likes him. "I feel the same. Same as yours."

So I guess they're now in "M.U." stage.

Meanwhile, PBB's teaser for tomorrow's episode shows Fil-German housemate Edward Barber telling Heaven Peralejo this - "I just want to tell you that I like you" .

That hurts many of his MayWard fans (shippers of Maymay and Edward).

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