Davao City, Philippines Explosion video circulates in social media #PrayForDavao

Davao City Explosion / Bombing in the news! I woke up today to this very devastating
news about the Philippines that at least 14 people died and over 60 were injured in an explosion that happened last night at Davao City night market.

Can't believe such thing, which reminds of the explosions in Paris,
Turkey etc., could also happen in our very own country, especially in Davao City, called as the safest city in the Philippines.

The person or those people who did such "act of hate" are obviously
sending out a strong message against President Rodrigo "Digong"
Duterte since Davao is his beloved city. But still, it was so wrong that many innocent people have lost their lives.

Meanwhile, actual videos and pictures taken right after the bombing are everywhere in social media, particularly in Facebook. One of those is that video, an eyewitness account, shown in the screenshot below, where lifeless bodies are seen on the ground and many people crying.

A screenshot of the bombing video uploaded on Facebook

If you have a weak heart, don't ever try to watch those. Very heartbreaking. Can't imagine how their families were feeling upon seeing their loved ones lying lifelessly there.

Instead of watching those, you might as well send out prayers for the victim's families, that they may be given strength during this crucial time. - Mykiru.ph

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