NBA Finals 2016 Live Game 1: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors

NBA Finals 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Game 1 has already started. Read below my live NBA updates of scores and results from today's game.

For the 2nd straight year, LeBron James and Steph Curry face off the court. (NBA photo)

The CLE vs GSW Game 1 takes place at the defending champs' home court. Last year, GSW won Game 1, so let's all find out if they also claim the opening game this 2016.

At end of FIRST QUARTER, scores are 24-28, a 4-point lead by the GS Warriors. Scoring leaders at this point: Cavs' LeBron currently has 8 pts, followed by Warriors' Harrison Barnes with 7. Curry (GSW), Andrew Bogut (GSW) and Kyrie Irving (CLE) each having 6 pts.

SECOND QUARTER ongoing. After 3 minutes in this qrtr, GSW leads by 8, the biggest lead so far. 28-36

Biggest lead up to 14 at 6:22 of the 2nd Quarter. 29-43

Latest Scores: 33-45, 4:39 2nd Qrtr

At 1:46: CLE recovering. 41-49. Irving and LeBron are first to hit double digits: 13 and 10.

At halftime: GSW still leads. 43-52

Top individual scorers at halftime: CLE - Irving 13, James 11, Love 10, Thompson 4; GSW - Barnes 9, Green 8, Bogut 8, Barbosa 7.


We proceed to THIRD QUARTER.

At 10:03: 45-56. LeBron and Irving both have 13 pts, while GSW players finally hit double-digit scores thru Green and Bogut each with 10pts.

At 921: It becomes 15pts for Irving after a jumper. 47-56

At 803: Tristan Thompson layup, drawing a foul, then another layup. CLE now just 4pts behind. 52-56

At end of the 3rd Quarter: 68-74


FOURTH QUARTER now. The Warriors amazingly hitting 14pts already within the first 3 and a half minutes. Biggest lead so far recorded at this point, 16 pts. 72-88, 8:34 left. Imagine that? Cleveland has scored just 4pts.

Just 7 minutes left. Still a 16-point lead. 76-92.

At 5:43, lead climbs to 20, the biggest this game. 76-96.

At 3:03, a turnover by LeBron gave 3-pointer opportunities for Curry and Thompson.

1:27 left, 87-104

FINAL SCORES: 89-104. GSW wins Game 1, leads series 1-0. (Last year, GSW also won Game 1 but by only 8 pts, and at overtime. 100-108 OT).

GSW's Shaun Livingston was Best Player of the Game with 20pts. CLE's Kyrie Irving on the other hand was the losing top scorer, with 26pts.

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