NBA Finals 2016 Live Game 4 Scores, Results: GSW vs CLE

NBA Finals 2016 Live Game 4 - GSW vs CLE - airing now on ABS-CBN. Scores at end of the 1st Quarter were 29-28, just a 1-pt lead by the Golden State Warriors. It's tight, the kind of game we've been wanting to see this NBA Finals 2016.

Steph Curry of GSW and LeBron James of CLE (photo courtesy of NBA via Facebook)

But at half-time, the Cleveland Cavaliers are the ones leading by 5 points. 50-55

Top Scorers at halftime:
GSW - Curry 14pts, K. Thompson 11pts, Green 8pts, Barmfs 8pts
CLE - Irving 16pts, T. Thompson 10pts, Smith 10pts

At 10:18: 53-58 (One technical free throw and a jumper by Irving, a 3 by Curry)

At 8:11, lead down to 2. 61-63

At 1:46, GSW takes a 1pt lead. 74-73. GSW's Curry and K. Thompson now have 23 and 21 pts respectively, while CLE's Irving has 25.

At end of 3rd Quarter: GSW leads by two, 79-77.

LeBron has achieved a double double here: 14pts, 10rebs.

At 8:03, lead up to 5. 88-83

At 5:54, 93-84, biggest lead so far for the Warriors (9pts).

With 1:12 minutes left, GSW still leads by 9. 98-89. Irving and Curry from the opposing teams both have 32pts.

Game 4 ended with the final scores 108-97. Leading the series at 3-1, GSW is now just one win away from claiming a back to back NBA championship.


Warriors vs Cavaliers Game 4
Quarter Scores: 29-28, 50-55, 79-77, 108-97

Team Scores per quarter:
Warriors - 29, 21, 28, 29
Cavs - 28, 27, 22, 20

GSW Scorers:
Steph Curry - 38pts
Klay Thompson - 25pts
Harrison Barnes - 14pts
Andre Iguodala - 10pts
Draymond Green - 9pts
Shaun Livingston - 8pts
Anderson Varejao - 2pts
James Michael McAdoo - 2pts

CLE Scorers:
Kyrie Irving - 34pts
LeBron James - 25pts (with 13 rebounds, 9 assists)
Kevin Love - 11pts
J.R. Smith - 10pts
Tristan Thompson - 10pts
Richard Jefferson - 3pts
Iman Shumpert - 2pts
Matthew Dellavedova - 2pts

Game 1: GSW won, 104-89
Game 2: GSW won, 110-77
Game 3: CLE won, 120-90
Game 4: GSW won, 108-97

Game 5 is set for Monday, June 13, back at GSW's home court (Tuesday morning, June 14th, MLA time). -

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